BenqDW1640 1st to support 8x DVD+RDL Writing & Complete Info

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The new Benq DW1640
The BenQ DW1640 supports 16x DVD±R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW and 8x DVD+R9 DL writing technology, allowing dual layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written. So far this is the worlds first DVD-burner to support the DVD+R9 DL format at 8x.

More Info:-

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Data Transfer Rate /double layer write: 88.64 Mbit/sec (8X)
Data Transfer Rate /write: 177.28 Mbit/sec (16X)
Data Transfer Rate /rewrite: 88.64 Mbit/sec (8X)
Data Transfer Rate /write: 177.28 Mbit/sec (16X)
Data Transfer Rate /rewrite: 66.48 Mbit/sec (6X)
Data Transfer Rate /read: 177.28 Mbit/sec (16X, Max.)Access time: 120 ms
Data Transfer Rate /write: 7200 KByte/sec (48X)
Data Transfer Rate /rewrite: 4800 KByte/sec (32X)
Data Transfer Rate /read: 7200 KByte/sec (48X, Max.)
Access time: 120 ms


Supported IDE mode
PIO mode 0/1/2/3/4
DMA mode 0/1/2
UDMA mode 0/1/2

Buffer Size 2 Mbytes

Writing Mode
DVD Data and Video
Track-at-Once, Disc-at-Once, Multisession, Packet Writing (fixed & variable packet), CD Digital Audio, Direct-Over-Write on CD-RW, Test Write

Disc Size
[DVD] 120 mm disc
[CD] 80 and 120 mm discs

Disc Formats
DVD+R DL 8.5GB, DVD+R 4.7GB, DVD+RW 4.7GB, DVD-R 4.7GB (closed session), DVD-RW 4.7GB (closed session), DVD-Video, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18
CD-DA, CD-ROM XA (m1, m2f1/m2f2), CD-R, CD-RW, Bootable CD, Photo CD (single & multi-session), Video CD, Super Video CD, CD-Extra, Mixed-mode CD, CD-Text

Audio Performance
Signal-to-Noise ratio: 76 dB min.
Number of stereo channels: 2
Analog audio line output: 0.75 VRMS at 470 Ohm
Analog headphone output: 0.6 VRMS at 34 Ohm
CD sampling frequency: 44.1 KHz

Power Requirement
+5V± 5%, ripple: 100mVpp
+12V ± 10%, ripple: 200mVpp

Environment Conditions

Operating temperature:
5 0C~50 0C (410F~1220F) at humidity of 8-80% RH
Non-operating temperature:
-40 0C~60 0C (-40 0F~140 0F) at humidity: 5%~95% RH

Reliability Characteristics
MTBF: 125,000 POH (20%)
Non-recoverable read error < 1 block in 1012 bits (CD and DVD)

Firmware Update
Flash memory upgradeable

Panel Design
Front side:
open/close button and read/write status indicator LED
Rear side:
40-pin ATA-2 dual row flat-cable connector, 4-pin DC power connector, 3-position device jumpers, digital audio output and analog audio output

OS Compatibility
Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98SE

The ventilation system/feature called Air Flow Cooling System (AFCS) and Anti-Dust Cooling System (ADCS)

Dual Cooling System
BenQ's exclusive Dual Cooling System (DCS) features an Anti-Dust Cooling System (ADCS) and Air Flow Cooling System (AFCS) to effectively reduce the risk of over-heating during high-speed reading and writing.

Air Flow Cooling System (AFCS)
AFCS accelerates the circulation inside the drive and speeds up the heat elimination through the drive's steel housing.

Anti-Dust Cooling System (ADCS)
With an integrated heat chimney design, ADCS redirects the heat flow out of the drive, while still providing protection from dust.

Supports DVD+R/R9 DL/-R at 16x/8x/16x
Supports CD-R/RW at 48x/32x
Supports bitsetting for all types of DVD+R/R9 DL/RW (sets auto. booktype to DVD-ROM)
Supports disc quality scanning
Can read 99/100 minutes CD-R’s
Reads DVD+R/-R at 16x
Reads DVD+RW/R9 DL/-RW at 12x
Reads DVD-Video SL/DL at 16x/12x
Good Software package
Cheap price

Does not support Mt. Rainier
Does not support LightScribe
Reads CD-RW only at 40x
Green LED for both reading and writing
No Support to read DVD-RAM [i added it]

Also Read CDRLab Forum Discussion on this drive here

This writer is not arrived here yet will be released here after Mid May

- I am planing of purchasing this or the Pioneer DVR109
- All those who have BenQ DVD Writers do let me know about your experience with it.


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Great news :D

Even i was planing to get a DVD burner..., will get this one... hope it's priced below 4k :p


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damn cool! and since I will me makin a trip to chennai soon enuff Richie street here I come ;) drgrudge got any shops I should look for in Richier Street ?

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Price is not a value
But are there any one who has tried benq drives
It looks really gr8 from the features it has

I have never used any benq optical drive drive nor does any of my friend have it.

Can some one owning a benq drive let us know about his experiences.


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drgrudge said:
Great news :D

Even i was planing to get a DVD burner..., will get this one... hope it's priced below 4k :p
Dont bet on a below 4k price tag. But still it will be a reasonble price knowing Benq.

@quad: I think i let u know my user experience abt the benq drive @ TE ;)


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Whats the big deal about 8x DVD+R9 DL write speed?
Does anyone even have a 2x DL disc to write on?
It makes much more sense to buy a better brand like Pioneer or Asus even though they only support 4x DVD+R9 DL, because the 8x speed will never get utilised.
Most of us have CD writers supporting atleast 24-32x RW write speed, but how many have CD-RW's that support such high speeds? Similarly the 8x DVD+R9 DL speed is also going to get wasted.

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Its not just the 8X DL write speed

But also the CAV method used by BenQ for writing DVD's which
helps it to write DVD's Faster

Also the speciality of Benq which no writer has
- Dual Cooling System
- Air Flow Cooling System (AFCS)
- Anti-Dust Cooling System (ADCS)
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