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Ok Ppl

This is one topic I have to discuss

What r the cheap solutions available ?

Assume I have a AMD 3200+ and a big cabinet ( place to hang to extra fans )

Those Rs. 100 fans which just have a powersupply.. Do they help ?? Is putting 2 of them intelligence ?? one to suck in air and other to suck out air ??

Or should I put one expensive fan ??

I have never explored this field so dont know much options.. Plz dont suggest water cooling as i am aware of the hazards i can create

Also can some1 suggest a cabinet with space and side transparent ?? some jazzy cheap solution.. No Antec LAnboy plz.. out of my budget :p


Well you have to make sure you study the inside of your cabinet to see the air-circulation pattern. You dont want to place the inlet and outlet of the air too close otherwise there might be no air-circulation.
Sometimes i big fan might also do the trick provided it is placed at the right spot.


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Hi khandu, Those 100K fans are just for name sake. They have very low rpm and cfm rating. Go for a branded fan with speed control. They may cost around Rs. 400 but they r woth it. Just 2 of them ( front intake and rear exhaust) will do a fine job.
As for pc cases visit for some snazzy and cheap casings with side windows and fans


Yeah actually you are right those 100 bucks fans are just that s****y. im going to malaysia for some work. Will look for some cooling solution there.
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