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I have a p4 1.6G, two 40GB HDD's,1 cd drive and 1 combo drive.the ram is 512 MB DDR. My system shuts down very frequently for no apparent reason,then does not start for a long time.Is it something to do with the cooling or is my SMPS faulty?My current SMPS is 300W,do I need a more wattage SMPS.Please help as I loose important unsaved data as the system shuts off.

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there can be a lot of reasons..
1. CPU overheating....
please check the cpu temperature/fan RPM from BIOS setup menu

2. faulty SMPS... or may be your smps trips due to overload. recommend SMPS power for your system is 400W or atleast 350W

3. mobo's power connectors. pls check them


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IF your SMPS is not good one, then even if its labelling says 300W, actually it might be in the range of 160W to 180W. So your SMPS could be faulty.
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