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I wanna ask that in Digit Dec 2004 issue they provided a section name Product Guide 2005 from pg 109 2 pg 152.

In da CPU section ( on pg 110 ). In buying tips area it ior mentioned that "Since proccs run at high speeds continuously, cooling becomes an important issue. get a top class heatsink combined with da best cooling fans.

So can any1 tell me abt specifications of a gud heatsink. Also any special company which provides them?

Do they bundle da fans with da heatsink or heatsink n fans hav 2 be sold separately. Also plz gimme sum specs of cooling fans n aslo which company provides them?

I'm willing 2 buy a AMD Athlon 64 3000+.

If compatibility is also an issue in case of heatsink n fans then plz tell abt heatsink n fans compatible with AMD Sempron 31000+ or AMD Athlon 64 2800+ or 3000+ or higher.


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if u rnt gonna OC ur proccy , the bundled sink-n-fan must b sufficient 4 u

post , if otherwise
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