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  1. A

    Converting video files with dual audio

    i was converting some of my downloaded video files into required formats but unfortunately i found that after converting it i am getting only single audio sound {english }these files is to played in home theater ...........so how can i select the {hindi} audio as a single audio while performing...
  2. RBX

    Storing answer to security question

    I use salted hashing on passwords and store salt in plaintext, but am doubtful on what to do with security answers, is there an accepted practice ? I have a general idea regarding this, that includes converting multiple spaces to single, trimming leading and trailing spaces, converting to...
  3. sygeek

    [GiveAway] Video Converter Pro

    Tweaking With Vishal is giving away "Video Converter Pro" absolutely free to it's readers. It is is a great free alternative to "Prism Video Converter". Download
  4. mohityadavx


    Which is the best OCR (need not be a freeware) 1)Abby Pro Fine Reader 2)Adobe Acrobat X Any other u know Would be used for converting lots of scientific data including chemical and trignometric equations.
  5. N

    converting HD Mkv video format into mp4 format

    hello friends, while converting mkv HD vifeo formats in to mp4 video format the quality of HD videos also decreases dranatically, kindly suggest such converter which can convert videos withhou any decrease in quality, as only video formats in mpeg and mp4 are playable on my lcd tv. thanks...
  6. NoasArcAngel

    help with converting videos for psp

    hello there everyone i have 3 avi movie fies and want them to convert to .mp4 [mpeg - 4] format so i can run it on my psp i already tried using the red kawa psp video9 software but it was unsuccesful [was taking a large amount amount of time slow laptop proccy i have ....], i recently downloaded...
  7. Plasma_Snake

    FLV Converter

    I normally use Media Coder for my file conversion tasks but lately found have to generate errors while converting .flv files. Know any no-nonsense simple FLV converter? Can we use VLC for this purpose?
  8. Zangetsu

    any video to GIF

    Hello.. i need an app..dat can convert any video file 2 a gif file.....like converting some clips 2 GIF... which r they ? :confused:
  9. mr.geniius

    Suggest the software

    please suggest the best AVI converter that can convert AVI format to any other FORMAT[DVD,XVID.DIVX,,MPEG,VCD,SVCD]means all format.... :(:(:(.. and it shows the video while converting..
  10. Amir.php

    Converting .exe files to .jpg

  11. digit i am thinking

    Any Free Real Converter?

    Is there any free real converter software available. i googled but all soft r shareware:( i want it converting vids for mobile phone. i want for converting mpeg,avi,DAT,wmv to rmvb.
  12. Batistabomb

    converting realplayer youtube vids to high quality

    Guys is there any software for converting videos downloaded from youtube using realplayer 11, in to a high quality videos rm to high quality....
  13. shady_inc

    Which music format should I use for Nokia 6630??

    Hi everyone!!:p I have some 200-odd songs on my Nokia 6630 cellphone,some at 96 kbps CBR,some at 128 kbps CBR and 44.1 khz samping rate.Now I want to convert all these tracks to a better file format;but I am confused which format I should choose.I want the best song quality at moderate disk...
  14. A

    K550 to W610/810

    Hi guys, can anyone help me in converting K550 to w610/810 ???
  15. B

    Game CD from Game DVD

    i have 2-3 game DVD. at my office i have only CD-RW. is there any software for Converting Game DVD to Game CD?
  16. V

    convert fat32 to ntfs

    can any one tell me how to convert fat32 patition to ntfs specially c:? how to unmount c: before converting
  17. caje143

    Converting Any Video Format To Vcd??

    Hi All, can you'll please suggest me with the best software for converting all possible video formats into VCD format??? coz at times i have certain problems while converting certain files...and sometimes i dont... so can u'll plz suggest me with a single software that can convert all...
  18. naveen_reloaded

    ~~M3 new version released~~BEST VIDEO CONVERTING SOFTWARE

    Have problem with converting video ?? Dont know wht bitrate to use?? Is the file size increases with meaningless settings??? Dont know wht frame rate.bit tolernce to use... UR ALL PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED WITH THIS SOFTWARE it has all predefined setting... select ur phone model...
  19. blackpearl75

    Converting .exe to .msi - Howto?

    Is there a process/steps of converting .exe to .msi ?? I recently used MS Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool(Feb'07)..Though it was handy in removing viruses from my PC (Win32.Parite.B) at large...BUT on a safety note it DELETED ALL of my .exe's {It did NOT even Bother to Alert me of its...
  20. M

    text to speech software need,have to save as WAV

    hi dears, i m need to get a good text to speech converting software to make own wav files. pls help thanking u
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