converting HD Mkv video format into mp4 format


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hello friends,

while converting mkv HD vifeo formats in to mp4 video format the quality of HD videos also decreases dranatically, kindly suggest such converter which can convert videos withhou any decrease in quality, as only video formats in mpeg and mp4 are playable on my lcd tv.


Neelesh S


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Try Freemake's Free Video Converter and see whether it makes you happy.

According to CNET editors, it is to Windows users what HandBrake is to Mac Users.

Download link: Free Video Converter - Convert Video Formats Free - MP4 MPEG AVI DVD HD FLV


Hi, NiluGeek, I have to say that the video's quality will be decreased more or less when converting from one format to another . But I think you can try Aneesoft video converter , it is paid, but I find the secret Free page on this software.


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whenever you convert go to settings and set resolution 1920x1080 and you will be happy!

It will take lot of time to convert
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