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  1. Revolution

    AOC F22 No Power

    Hi, Please help me! My brother's AOC F22 LCD not working. No power. Checked the power cord and its fine. But,when I touch the back of monitor its not getting warm ? Inbuilt AC to DC converted kaput ? LCD 3 and half years old and no warranty. Please suggest what should I do now.
  2. harshilsharma63

    Video conversion problem

    Hi. I have many movies on my PC which I intend to watch on my cell phone while commuting between home and college. The movies are mostly 720p and sized ~900 MB each. When I convert them to MP4 ( 320x240, 30fps, AAC for audio at 160 kbps and 41000 Hz sampling rate), the size of the converted...
  3. S

    How does URL in Post get converted to title.

    After some Post here, i was really facinated by the thing that , after posting any commnets and post which contains any url. that Post's Url is converted to Page title of referring page and url is not Visible but is clickable... how does it work??? i try finding out on GOOGLE but not got...
  4. C

    encryption software trouble

    hey hi i in my xcitment of tryin encrytption software.. i tried a couple of dem dint like so uninstalled dem bt aft some time i realised all my files in one of the folders dat i experimented on have got converted to *.rn dnt kno which software i used.. nw i want dose fills back can anybdy...
  5. T

    [C] Program to find period of days

    please help with this C program write a program that finds number of days between a period entered by user.Check invalidity also. I tried to write the program but it became too long considering fact that months had to be converted into days depending whether they had 30 or 31 days and...
  6. napster007

    Sony bravia {help needed}

    today i got the new Sony Bravia NX-500 40" installed. I enjoyed most of its features. But i'm not able to solve an issue, the Tv boasts a USB port for movies and music. Its supports MPEG 1 and 2. Now once i converted my AVI files into the MPEG i'm able to view them but the thing is the frame is...
  7. sridatta

    Google launches Transliteration IME

    Google Transliteration Input Method (IME) Google has recently launched an offine tool for typing in Indian languages. Currently available only for windows platform. The description in the website says Guys! Try this out and post the replies using the tool !!! Download
  8. clmlbx

    Does E51 play MP4 Files ?

    Hello Guys I just bought E51. Now I am facing very strange problem. well First I let you know that E51 Records video in mp4 format and it can play that video too. but when I convert another videos to mp4 and try to play in phone it gives error and plays only audio. I checked and converted into...
  9. pc_game_lover2004

    PLease Help Me OUT !!!

    if i use IDM for downloading youtube videos they have framerate problems and can't be converted to any other format... when i used youtube downloader i was not able to download the videos in high quality as are generally videos today in youtube although they can be converted in other format and...
  10. S

    how to remove this virus...

    plz help me.. a virus or Trojan or somewhat has attacked my pc.it has converted all the audio related files and some types of video files have got converted with their extension to .jpg file.plz help how to remove.i am using mcafee but it is not able to remove.
  11. U

    Discussion on External HDD converted from Internal HDD using SATA-USB Casing

    Here I'm giving my experience with an external HDD of 750GB, Western Digital, which I converted using a TAG SATA to USB casing. Please give some time in reading it, I beg to all the experts to help. I bought it 'bout 6-7 months ago. For about 2-3 months it ran very well and then it gave me...
  12. windchimes

    How to get rid of your old pc ?

    Guys, I have this old pc which is almost 8 years old. It was in working condition and a party was interested in buying it. But the vert next day it stopped working.Now I have converted old HDD to USB disk. What about the rest? I wish to know how can I get rid of this machine . Don't ask me to...
  13. I

    >VIDEO and smartmovie

    i have songs which r converted by smartmovie demo version and shows demove.is it possible to convert them again and remove demo. Is IT POSSIBLE to convert to orignal graphics that songs which are converted to avi or 3gp BY REGISTERED SMARMOVIE OR OTHER AVI 3GP CONVERTERS.
  14. M

    pen drive converted to RAW

    hi frnds My UMAX Apus 210 pen drive has been rendered unusable as it has been converted to RAW file system and nothing can be written on it.I cant format it anyway. Pls help.
  15. Charley

    PDF to DOC converted file

    I converted a pdf file to doc file, but now I want to cut/crop a part in that doc file and save it, what should I do ?
  16. K

    Unable Updation

    Hi Guys, Windows XP Home edition, recently Airtel connection through mobile. Before Airtel connection, I am using BSNL Internet connection through landline. When I update my AVG ANTI-VIRUS FREE EDITION, it says not updating that the server name cannot be converted to the IP address. How to...
  17. G

    FS - k750i converted to W800i

    hey Guys ....... i wanna sell my SE K750i which i have converted into W800i............ it has a very good and loud sound as i have changed it sound drivers........... it is included with .... 1 gb of memory stick ... W810i Earphones ......... and lots of games in it ......... MAKE UR...
  18. dashingdhruv

    Stuck with NFS-CARBON!Please help!

    i installed the demo of the game.after a few days i got the activation keys,. Now,what i just can't figure out is "How the damn game be converted into full version?"where to enter the keys?someone out there please help!!!:(
  19. P

    my question is

    computer can only understand machine language. so every programs written in another languages should be converted into machine language. so there are compilers and interpreters. how .NET language is converted into machine language?!!! how html is converted into machine language?!!! is there any...
  20. go4saket

    Conversion from DV to MPEG2 problem???

    Hi Guys! I had some home shot video which I saved in my computer in DV AVI format at 25 FPS. Later I converted the same to MPEG-2 @ 6000 Bitrate & 25 FPS using CCE SP. The problem is that where the video runs absolutely smooth in AVI DV format, as soon as it is converted, it starts kind of...
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