1. M

    Random contact deletion on my Sony Z3+

    My Sony Z3+ has been having strange problem wherein the contacts stored on it get deleted randomly. In 6 months I lost atleast 10 contacts in this manner without me deleting any of them (even accidentally). What can be the problem/solution for it? I have Android 6.0.1 installed with all updates.
  2. T

    My Samsung S2 mobile dead

    Hi all, I am using Samsung S2 Mobile for almost 5 years, but I have not taken the backup of my data in it and also the phone contacts. Once my phone got dead , then only I realised the need of the backup of the phone because all the data is stored in the phone memory. I gave my phone to a...
  3. D

    excel contacts to android device

    dear all i restored my phone to factory default. earlier i have saved my contacts to excel file using app. now i want to restore my contacts. but that app is asking money. can anyone help me find a free app which can import my contats from excel file to my phone contacts. tried most of...
  4. A

    Tranfer contacts from Moto E first gen to Window 10 pc

    How can this be done.have tried using the 8 gb microcard i have but it doesnt save any contacts.have a usb cable which conects both the pc and moto e but no help as i have to excahnge this moto with a flipkart phone offer(on the way) soon.
  5. Piyush

    Help me take backup of contacts from Lumia 520

    So my mom's phone is dead. The screen is broke so we cant use it anymore even though its still booting up normally. I took backup of all the multimedia data. But the problem is contacts. Here is why I am not able to resolve this issue: 1. Since the screen is cracked, I cant install app to do...
  6. nac

    Help: HTC Explorer

    Dropped the phone and now it's touch (cracked) is not working. I can able to turn ON/OFF the mobile. HTC sync is also not working. PC is not detecting the device (I guess I am using the right version 3.3.63). I am trying to back up the contacts, messages and all. Any help would be appreciated...
  7. ajayritik

    Need to take backup of contacts from Samsung GT-52222

    Hi Guys, My friend is planning to get a new android phone. Currently he has Samsung GT-52222 and he has around 250 contacts on his phone and he would like to take backup of the contacts preferably onto his SD Card so that he can have those contacts restored onto his new phone. Can anyone...
  8. GhorMaanas

    'Go Ghost' settings on facebook

    Hello! since August, i have stopped logging in to facebook to check updates & posts. however, i now wish to check updates on a few groups that am a member of, as well as join a few more. but i don't want to leave any footprint for my friends or/and acquaintances to notice, as i want to avoid...
  9. M

    Contacts transfer

    Ho do I transfer contacts from Nokia Lumia 625 to iPhone?
  10. S

    recover deleted contacts from nokia c2-00 phone memory

    Hi, I am using Nokia c2-00.I do not have backup of contacts. The phone restarted suddenly and only contacts in phone memory were deleted.All applications in phone memory were not deleted. I can see messages in inbox. Is there any way to recover these lost contacts? Is there any...
  11. mati17

    BlueStacks App

    Hi Forum, I am using "Whats App" messenger on my PC via "BlueStacks". Its amazing....! The problem is : I can't locate where it puts files in hard disk which are sent by my contacts so that i can delete them after seeing. Can any one there help me ???
  12. anarchy0x

    How to permanently save contacts (from android phone)

    I am saving contacts to gmail in my android phone but not seeing those contacts in my gmail, am I going wrong somewhere, is it not possible to oo that?
  13. V

    Need a Keypad mobile.

    Hello, I use 2 phones with me, 1st phone for Internet (I'm using Galaxy NOTE, and i'm happy with it) 2nd Phone is for Call SMS and Whatsapp. My Requirement are 1) Keypad (I dont like lag in touchscreen) as its easy to operate with one hand. 2) Whatsapp support 3) I have about 1800...
  14. Ronnie11

    Sony Xperia SL Sync Issues

    Hey guys, i need some desperate help. My phone contacts before all used to be saved in local contacts. As a result it wasn't backing up on my google account. So i exported contacts to card and imported to google. As a result, my google account finally had my contacts as backup. Now here is where...
  15. A

    backing up simple non android gsm mobile phone telephone contacts

    how can i back up simple non android gsm mobile phone telephone contacts
  16. P

    Exchanging Contacts between Symbian Belle And Android? HELP!

    Hey guyz Me and my friend are exchanging our phones for a period of time but we have some issue over it and it is exchanging contacts from either phones running a whole different platform! I have a Nokia 603 running belle FP2 and he has the Ericsson x10i running Android 2.3 in it. Now we want...
  17. A

    transferring contacts from excel to Samsung S4

    I have recently bought Samsung -4 and I have a excel file containing contacts like name ,cell no and I want to transfer these name and cell no to my contact list in Samsung -4 .can anybody help me to transfer it .is there any procedure for it. Regards
  18. Anish

    [For Sale] Nokia asha 302

    Hi friends, I was in a hurry buying this phone when my father's phone went dead. So, when I am in search for a new phone, my dad bought this phone with suggestion from his friend. The phone is bought this deepavali (12 nov 2012) so it is still fresh and new. My dad has >3000 contacts. But this...
  19. R

    exporting contacts from S40 to Android 2.3, 4 (ICS)

    Guyz i m using Nokia 5130 xpress music from last 4 yrs .. and now today m going to buy a new android phone either 2.3(GB) or 4.0.4 (ICS) .. so definately i want to import contacts to my new phone basically huge amount of contacts to my new phone and i don't have a clue that how do i do this ...
  20. V

    Contacts Sync

    I'm using an andriod and Nokia Phone. Now I want to transfer my contacts from android to my nokia E63 phone. Wanting to backup my contacts, i synced my android contacts to my gmail contacts. Now, i synced the gmail contacts using SYNC to my nokia e63. All my contacts are now available in my...
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