Need a Keypad mobile.


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I use 2 phones with me, 1st phone for Internet (I'm using Galaxy NOTE, and i'm happy with it)

2nd Phone is for Call SMS and Whatsapp. My Requirement are
1) Keypad (I dont like lag in touchscreen) as its easy to operate with one hand.
2) Whatsapp support
3) I have about 1800 Contacts in my Google Contact which i Sync with my phone. I require a phone which can sync with google contacts and store about 2000 Contacts.

Kindly Suggest a phone.. Preferebly Nokia.


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Nokia Asha 210. All your requirements are fulfilled by this phone.

thank you so much.... Just want to double check that it can store 2000 contacts?

I checked at *

It says only 1000 Phone book

How nokia phone will sync contacts stored on google?:rolleyes:

Btw which touchscreen lag?:eek::confused:

Nokia can sync to google contacts. I Brought Nokia 206 (* It can sync to my google contacts, but its limited to only about 800 contacts.

Touchscreen mobile do often lag, (Specially low range android phones), and looking at my requirements i dont think its required to buy a high end phone.
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I don't think you can get 2000 contacts support in a feature phone. They max out at 1000. You have to go for a smartphone if 2k contacts is of utmost importance. But then most smartphones under 5k category will give you lag and lacking a physical keyboard.
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