Help me take backup of contacts from Lumia 520


So my mom's phone is dead. The screen is broke so we cant use it anymore even though its still booting up normally. I took backup of all the multimedia data. But the problem is contacts. Here is why I am not able to resolve this issue:

1. Since the screen is cracked, I cant install app to do backup. So any app related idea is useless.

2. I think I either didnt make microsoft account for my mom OR I did make one long back but actually forgot about it.

Any possible way? I checked the SIM card in my phone but apparently the contacts are saved on phone only.


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Not sure but is there any pc suite? Try syncing with that?

A quick Google search led me to this: I want to backup my phone to my PC - How can I do that? What - Microsoft Communit

Not sure if you can open settings too?


Cant access phone at all, except turning it off/on.

If there is a PC suite, then my problems will be solved, will search.
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