My Samsung S2 mobile dead


Broken In
Hi all,

I am using Samsung S2 Mobile for almost 5 years, but I have not taken the backup of my data in it and also the phone contacts.

Once my phone got dead , then only I realised the need of the backup of the phone because all the data is stored in the phone memory.

I gave my phone to a nearby shop in Bangalore, They told that the board has to be replaced , It will cost 2000 INR.

They are saying that the data cannot be recovered as the board is dead.But I am sure the data can be recovered as the phone is not physically damaged.


Symptoms existed in my phone before it became totally dead

1.Battery drains very quickly.
2.It got heated while it was connected in internet for 30 minutes
3.Recently I updated the whatsapp , post to that I lost all my phone contacts stored only in my phone memory.I have not taken the contacts backup to google


Can anybody please advise me how to recover the data from my phone ....... like company which can repair my phone


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