Tranfer contacts from Moto E first gen to Window 10 pc

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How can this be done.have tried using the 8 gb microcard i have but it doesnt save any contacts.have a usb cable which conects both the pc and moto e but no help as i have to excahnge this moto with a flipkart phone offer(on the way) soon.


Install super backup, backup all the contacts, sms, etc; transfer the backup files over to pc.

Or maybe just backup them to your google account.


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As said above the easiest and hassle free option is to turn on sync and upload to Google account which should be done automatically. You can check it at .

Alternatively, you can export a .vcf file from contacts and then transfer the file to desktop using your memory card or data cable.


i have all contacts on google contacts,how can i transfer them to the new phone
You can log in to
Export old contacts or add new contacts..
Google will sync your contacts to any device with your account.


Glad you were able to transfer contacts.
One easy trick that I use is:
-Go to contacts.
-Settings>Manage Contacts
-Select Back up
-Select the storage where you want the back up file to be created
-Select the contacts you want to take back up of > Export.
-Enter the file name. A <filename>.vcf file will be created which you can transfer in new phone or save as back up.

To restore
-Go to contacts.
-Settings>Manage Contacts
-Select Import.
-Then select your source, then select the contacts you want to import.

This method kind of messes my contacts list, some contacts gets split into multiple and some details might get lost. But name, email and phone numbers are done successfully.

Edit: Just read back and realized that this was mentioned earlier, but anyways.
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