1. N

    Discussion: Consumer Court

    Hi, I have read somewhere on this forum about an agency/3d party service which fights our case in consumer court. They charge something around 500 Rs for same. Does anyone here know such service ?
  2. P

    Discussion: One solution for the consumer complaints..Akosha...Is it True?

    I have decided to buy an HP before taking a final decision,I searched for consumer complaints regarding HP in various forums & found an interesting news.Recently court has ordered HP to pay Rs.1.7 Lakh to a consumer who got a defective laptop & a failure in service.Along with the...
  3. ramakanta

    Consumer Complaints

    I have lots of complaints towards Private and Governments organisations . As i am a consumer , where to i will give a online/offline complaints , so that quick resolved my problems. thank you.
  4. maverick786us

    Airtel is a big cheater

    Can someone tell me, how can I launch a case again Airtel on Consumer forum online?
  5. S

    Airtel penalised for ‘torrent site’ block

    Apparantly Airtel has now been penalised by a Karnataka consumer forum for torrent site’ block following a petition by Vinay B from Shimoga. and Good and funny thing is the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum at Shimoga has directed Airtel to pay Rs. 20,000 for ‘deficiency in Internet...
  6. Kirtu Jindal

    Good Consumer Electronics Buy

    What's the most recent item of consumer electronics that you bought and was it a good buy?
  7. Gauravs90

    Micromax 352G usb modem not working in windows 8 consumer preview

    Hi... Today I installed windows 8 consumer preview on my dell inspiron 15r. But when I tried to install micromax 352g usb modem driver, it failed. Pls help me as I want to test it... thanks
  8. digit06

    windows 8 consumer preview

    1 million downloads within days Windows 8 consumer preview Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview, a prerelease version of Microsoft Windows 8, and sign up for news and announcements. run the...
  9. amjath

    AMD Bulldozer with Windows 8 benchmarks needed?

    Hi people, The most anticipated Windows 8 is out for consumer preview. I have been searching all over internet for AMD Bulldozer's benchmark performance running Windows 8 consumer preview, but I couldn't get it. I still have last bit of hope on AMD before buying next Intel IVY bridge. So can u...
  10. avichandana20000

    CONSUMER FORUM is required.

    can any one give the mailid of consumer forum whom i can keep in CC while addressing the villain company in TO box.
  11. staticsid

    Sound card needed

    I want to buy a sound card for getting the most out of my headphones. Just wanted to check with you guys if there is anything out there (in the consumer grade range) better than Xonar Essence STX. Would be great if you can suggest a few names.
  12. NewsBytes

    Mid-range phones in demand; Govt considers special consumer court for mobiles

    Experiencing frequent call drops and wish to take your service provider to task? Is your phone malfunctioning time and again, and the manufacturer won’t honour your warranty? Currently, fighting for your rights involves a long, drawn-out process. But all that might soon change if the...
  13. Faun

    Consumer forum or not ?

    I provided an application of shifting my BSNL landline + broadband to new location. The connection was disconnected from old location in MAY 2009. But here in new location the Telephone exchange BABUS are saying that lines are cut so they cannot give me landline connection. For over 4 MONTHS...
  14. koshyjohn

    HP India returns money for 2 year old laptop

    I don't know how many of you remember this but I had had multiple problems with my HP Pavilion dv9295ea and had taken HP to court (purchased in April 2007; problems in sept; repairs from feb to may, 2008; arguing over the phone throughout may; national consumer forum + consumer court from june...
  15. paroh

    Toshiba's first with a 512GB SSD laptopThe race to build a laptop with a 512 GB solid

    The race to build a laptop with a 512 GB solid state drive ended today with Toshiba as the victor. This isn't a great surprise, given that Toshiba unveiled the world's first 2.5-inch half-terabyte SSD at the end of last year. Still, there was a bit of competition in the air, with Asus...
  16. aryayush

    PC Makers Take A Stylish Turn To Tackle Apple

    WINDOW DRESSING PC Makers Take A Stylish Turn To Tackle Apple Pink, Spotted Laptops Aimed at New Buyers; Designers Rule at Dell By ROBERT A. GUTH, JUSTIN SCHECK and DON CLARK January 4, 2008; Page A1 Personal computer buyers often ask questions about technical features such as hard drives...
  17. amitava82

    What you expected: What you got!

    Just for Plain Fun... Nothing Personal... Please! Windows : MAC Apple and Microsoft in consumer electronics Must read... OR See... :D
  18. aryayush

    The 8 secrets that make Apple No. 1

    The 8 secrets that make Apple No. 1 How to succeed in consumer electronics (without really trying) Mike Elgan September 13, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Last week I wrote about how Apple's growing success will trigger accusations that it is a monopolistic, copycat bully and why the company should...
  19. P

    SIFY complies with consumer forum's orders. In the now well known case of Ankur Raheja Vs Sify, Sify seems to have finally complied with the consumer forum's order by making the payment to Ankur Raheja.One may also visit...
  20. praka123

    Museum of early consumer electronics and 1st achievements

    example entry: worth looking!
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