Museum of early consumer electronics and 1st achievements

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[FONT=tahoma, helvetica][SIZE=+1][SIZE=+4]Why is this museum different?
[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=tahoma, helvetica] This museum evolved from 30 + years of collecting. We now have a good collection of old technology.
Most importantly, next to each item, a thorough history with dates is included. In particular we try
to include important "firsts" from a number of manufacturers. There are not many consumer electronics
museums on the internet. Those that are there are largely specialist in one particular area (e.g. video
or computing). This museum, we think, is unique in that it covers a wide range of vintage consumer
electronics and concentrates on manufacturers first achievements. e.g. first VCR, first laser
player etc. In addition, it is not just a collection of photographs and information. The exhibits
actually exist and once a year a selection are taken to a large exhibition for public display.
If items in the museum are part of our physical collection, we say so (most are). Sometimes photos
of items that are not in our collection are detailed to correctly list important dates and innovations.
These are likely to be items we are actively seeking. We hope this museum contributes to the
historic data resources on the world wide web. The museum continues to grow.
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example entry:
[FONT=tahoma, helvetica][SIZE=+1][SIZE=+4]1966. Ampex: VR-6275 domestic VTR[/SIZE]

worth looking!

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