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I have decided to buy an HP Laptop.so before taking a final decision,I searched for consumer complaints regarding HP in various forums & found an interesting news.Recently court has ordered HP to pay Rs.1.7 Lakh to a consumer who got a defective laptop & a failure in service.Along with the search results,I found a website,an indian start-up company "Akosha"
which helps consumers to get their service properly from the parent company.Different testimonials of various consumers are displayed on the site.I haven't heard abt Akosha before.

Anyone who have experience with Akosha should reply for this thread...


Bad reviews are also present against Akosha like in mouthshut.com-*www.mouthshut.com/review/Akosha-com-review-rnpnltrtnr

If it really works,it is a boon to every consumer....

Is it really functional?

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Akosha is a service which contacts the people in the company's management via phone/email and if it fails, depending on the plan that you chose in Akosha they'll draft a consumer complaint for you. Now, what kind of letter they draft is something else.


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@pratheeshps, I am satisfied by the service from "Akosha" because they resolved my issue,by helping me to get a refund of Rs.3,000/- from Datawind.Datawind was unable to deliver the Ubislate 7+ Tablet,and kept me waiting for a period of 9 months.
Though I initially started with the "free" service of Akosha,but I moved on to Rs.499/- service pack,because of delay and I was out of patience.Akosha contacted me continuously through their site(according to feedback from time to time),to my e-mail and also by mobile-phone(contacted me ,even when I was out of station and holidaying at PURI with my family).They really took care and responsibility for the validation of refund process from Datawind.

The site of Akosha also mentions,that if your(or any customer's) issues are not resolved within due time(or if the merit of the case is lost)then Akosha will refund back the Rs.499/- or Rs.999/- service pack charges to the customer,as accordingly.

For the free package ,it's obvious that solutions to problems/issues/cases will be much delayed.

I don't know about the others,but my experience with Akosha was satisfying and good.


From the replies received,it is obvious that Akosha may be a boon for the consumers.Pls include startups like this in the RMA section so that everyone is getting benefitted from these kind of services.


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Damn this is really good.
@OP - Request mods to make this a sticky. More people should be aware of this

@op - btw IMO One should not believe Mouthshut reviews. I have never seen such massive amount of planted reviews ever before
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