1. sahil1033

    2G/3G users from all over India

    This is a thread for discussion regarding 2G/3G connections for users from all over India. We can discussion on anything regarding 2G/3G connection, let it be, speed, problem in connection, APN, plans, loopholes etc. Feel free to post your opinion/problem here and the posts should be like...
  2. soyab0007

    Wireless N Router (Which one to Choose)

    I am having cable internet connection, looking for wireless router, want to know which one would better to connect my SGS+ through wifi.. Also what will be the advantage of getting wireless router connected to cable connection. TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps Netgear Wireless-N 150 Router...
  3. C

    How to Set up WIFI connection - BSNL ADSL broadband

    Hello to all, I need help and assistance in setting up WIFI at my office. I have BSNL ADSL connection broadband . The modem which i currently use is ADSL2+ router I ball Baton. (mode no: iB-LR6111A) . It is not a WIFI router . So, I have found a good WIFI router (not brought yet)...
  4. K

    Clicking for internet connection

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows Ultimate 7 and Apple iphone 3G. The iphone have vodophone SIM. I have got iTunes software on my system. Internet works well both in my iphone and Windows Ultimate7. But I do not know where to click to CONNECT INTERNET CONNECTION AND where to click to DISCONNECT...
  5. blademast3r

    Need help debugging my ping issue

    Hey guys Need some help from you awesome digitians to debug my ping issue. Here is some background. My internet connection(Airtel broadband) recently had some frequent DC issues. After almost a month of crap from CC/ Airtel presence. They did a whole bunch of stuff and replaced my modem. Quite...
  6. S

    Internet problem

    Internet on my laptop has stopped working. it is a wifi connection. i am able to use this connection on every other pc and mobile device. On my laptop it shows that it is connected but i am unable to surf the net or download anything. In network and sharing center we can see "Internet...
  7. M

    Setting up VPN with router

    I have a Teracom wifi router that I got while I got a broadband connection from BSNL. I use some free VPNs which work great but in order to use them, I need to setup a VPN connection in Windows 7 that connects using the existing internet connection to the VPN using 'network and sharing' in...
  8. bhushan2k

    Need a router for cable net...

    have FiveNet cable net connection on PC..which seems direct connection (i.e. i dont need any username password field or any connection shortcut on desktop while connection to internet) ...want to share it with two smartphones..(android + wp8) so what should i buy?? do i need router which has...
  9. sanny16

    Frequent internet disconnection

    I use MTNL triband 752 kbps unlimited plan with wifi connection. Modem model: 450TC1. I stay in navi mumbai. There is frequent disconnection of net after regular intervals. The four led (green) is on all the time, but my network symbol changes to local connection only. I am using windows vista...
  10. anuragsinghh

    can I play online pc games with this broadband connection

    sorry if I have posted something wrong or in wrong section :) what's the best mtnl plan for heavy downloaders and gamers, how is the freedom 800 plan ( 2 mbps from 11pm to 8 am and 512kbps from 8 am to 11 pm ) will I be able to play online games without lag like battlefield3 and black ops...
  11. pacificb0y

    How Much Your Internet Connection Can Download

    Here Is the Pic :D just have a Look how much your internet connection can download with your desired speed :D
  12. gameranand

    Need a Modem for a BSNL Broadband connection finally I am able to get a BSNL Broadband connection. Previously BSNL used to give Modem at a rental charge but that has changed and now they are saying that they can provide Modem at 2100 INR which I know would be $hitty at best. So please Suggest me good modems, other features like...
  13. funkysourav

    Help me set up my DSL internet Connection in Puppy Linux (Precise)

    Hi there I am using a Precise Puppy(LXPUP) on my laptop for the last few days I am quite amazed with the speed and responsiveness while using it. However I have a problem I can't for the life of me set up my DSL Broadband Connection(from BSNL India) for use with this OS. But I never did...
  14. R

    play store images and screenshots not loading

    Hi all:| im using htc sensation xe mobile im facing problems in play store in my sensation. the images and screen shots are not loading in play store. it displays the message "cant load screen shots". im using wifi connection with high speed but the images are not showing and when using data...
  15. S

    Shall i choose BSNL wimax in chennai?

    Hello, I need an internet connection in Pallikaranai, Chennai. BSNL exchange is very near to my house. Shall i choose BSNL wimax or should i go for wired connection. Please suggest a good option. Thanks
  16. abirthedevil

    Need a basic router

    Hello guys I need a basic router to setup wifi in my house to share between maybe 6 devices max, my internet connection at the moment is an ethernet based connection. Also I was wondering say if I switch over to an ADSL service later on and if I should buy a ADSL router, will it work with my...
  17. Sudh4r

    Network Cable Unplugged

    My Friend has a LAPTOP. OS : WIN 7/XP Professional Service Pack 2. Connection Type : Wired NIC : REALTEK RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC We have a Airtel Broadband Connection in our apartment. From Win 7 he is able to go online, however from XP he is not able to. It always...
  18. C

    Problem configuring TP-LINK modem router

    I bought TD-W8951ND yesterday and configured it using the Setup Assistant available in the CD included. Mine is a PPPoE connection from BSNL, and it configured fine with the setup. I used the net for about an hour, but then I wanted to change a setting in it. The connection through my old...
  19. L

    Minecraft connection problem

    cannot connect through lan in minecraft.
  20. patkim

    query on data card internet connection

    I already have a tata photon 2g data card internet connection. Now there’s a need to go for one more data card connection for another user in the family. While there are options like airtel, MTS apart from photon, is there any technical or networking related or any other advantage in going for...
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