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Require help to buy a router.


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Hello All,

I have bsnl broadband with adsl modem. I want a wifi network so that I can connect my laptop and mobile anywhere in the home.

1. I need to connect my pc directly(lan) as it don't have wifi support.
2. It would be good if I can have a media server option where I can connect my external hard drive to router and can access the data from any device.

Please let me know the options for the router.



Above threads does not cover his second requirement - to act as a media server by connecting hard disk through usb.


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It has USB storage feature. I connect my Flash drive and i am able to access it via windows explorer \\\u_disk\usb1_1\

There is one option of Storage User Account Setup in Router Advanced setting you can use that and create user for storage and its password as well. :)

I have clearly mentioned in the other post that I have successfully configured my USB to access it using the Router. As far as HDD is concerned please wait till others reply.


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I checked these threads and both of them do not match my needs. One is talking about modem+router (I have the modem, need only router). And other is regarding adsl router which can support dsl.

@reniarahim: Exactly, I want a router which can act as media server too.

@saswat: I was checking some routers(mentioned below) and the price is bit on a higher side with TL-WR2543ND being on 7500 in india. Actually I will be happy if I can get anything between 2000-3000 INR.

Checked some routers. I want features as in below routers.
TL-WR2543ND -- This is 450mbps and 5ghz but is costly @ 7500/-
TL-WR1042ND -- This is 300mbps and 2.4ghz and seems to be in my budget.

Please suggest me some routers within 3k and having similar features.


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If you can then TL-WR2543ND is a good option.
Check TP-Link W8968 300N router. Its the cheapest 300N router with USB. But no idea about its price. Contact your nearest TP-Link dealer and ask for its price.


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^^ TL-WR2543ND is not available in INDIA. Also it will cost around 7.5k, so out of budget. TP-Link w8968 is modem+router but I need router only. Also it is not available.

TL-WR1042ND is not yet available in India. So, I am left with following option.

1. TP-Link TL-WR104ND -- @ 4100 INR
2. Asus RT-N13U -- @ 3188 INR
3. Belkin N600 -- @ 4154 INR

Please help me in deciding. Also let me know if you know any other option.


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Asus RT13NU is great option for 2.8k. Check locally.
I would choose the TP-Link just for its Gigabit Ethernet. Price wise RT13NU is the best VFM product.
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