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Seagate freeagent go wierd problem


Hello Guys. I purchased Seagate FreeAgent Go 250GB Ultra-Portable Drive on 2-July-2010. I'm now having some problem with it. The problem is, when i connect HD to my laptp or pc, even if table shakes, the hd gets Disconnected and again reconnects. Before this i had a problem, like when i plugged into my front USB panel of new system, the LED used to blink continuously making scratchy sound. But works fine when connect to rear USB panel. This problem doesn't come in LAPTOP. So i have 5 years warranty. Is it cable problem or hd problem?


The Mighty Unkel!!!
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Cable problem.

Also the front USB connections does not provide enough power for the drive to operate. its recommended to connect External Hard Discs to the rear USB ports(in case of desktop PC's). buy a USB cable which has two connectors, in these cables one pin carries data+power the other pin gives additional power to the USB drive.

as per this site.. 1m USB 2.0 Dual Power Cable, 2 x Type A (20cm apart) to mini B | LINDY UK
2 x Type A USB Male to USB Type mini B Male



Can you tell me where can i buy that cable? is it available online? what will be the cost?what is that cable called?
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