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Help me to setup a Wireless N/w @ home


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Hi Friends

I want to setup a Wireless network (Wi Fi) @ home to connect 1 Desktop PC, 2 Laptops & 4 Android Smarth Phones to a common internet connection.
Cable Connection : Cable internet 1 Mbps, unlimited Plan
It uses is a Dial up connection to connect to internet
The Cable Net company uses a MAC Address authentication on its Switch, the Authorised MAC now is my Desktop PC's LAN card. No other PC/ Laptop may connect to this internet unless the MAC id binding is Reset by the Cable Net Company.
Its OK to have a Wired connection for the Desktop PC rest devices have to be on WiFi

Questions: 1. Is it possible to setup a Wireless with the above requirement.
2. If Yes, will the Dialup connection still be on the Desktop PC?
3. Will I have to Keep the Desktop PC switched ON to use internet on the other devices?
4. Will I be able to use LAN Sharing - DC++ (working fine on the Desktop PC) on the Laptops?
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