1. O

    [Query]Tunngle and Alliance broadband compatibility??

    Dear All, I have a query reg Tunngle and Alliance broadband. Request you to please check the below post- Play with friend not possible - Tunngle Communit My userid there is onlytanmoy- same as here. Any one from Kolkata using Alliance broadband can confirm if it is fine at their end...
  2. S

    Lenovo A6000 Flash Sale

    Was waiting for the sale to start since half an hour. But as soon as the countdown ended the phone was out of stock. Could anyone confirm who got to order the phone. First the Big Billion sale and now this.Really Disappointed in flipkart.:-x
  3. Y

    how to know antenna capacity of w8968?

    Hi as you guys have suggested I have purchased w8968 from Amazon @1648 and it's version 3.0. I haven't unboxed it yet.i just wanted to confirm Whether it's antenna capacity is 5dbi or not. Is it possible to know without unboxing it as it's not written on the box. imgur: the simple image sharer
  4. H

    Resolution on Z510 59387057 ?

    Some sources say it is 1366x768 while some say it is full HD. Can anyone with the same exact laptop confirm ?
  5. sumit05

    Does reliance 3g (1gb for 123 plan) work on data card?

    Please any one can confirm it as i have read it works on phone only.:-?
  6. samudragupta

    Vodafone 3g/2.5g users on android please confirm!!!

    hi all, i am currently on vodafone mumbai 3g, and for the last few days i am unable to load play store. (screen shot attached). two of my friends on vodafone 3g and 2.5g repectively are also facing similar issues. i am also unable to access ebay intermittently. Playstore and ebay loads fine on...
  7. mandarpalshikar

    Can I cross-fire non-boost 7950 with boost 7950 ?

    Guys.. a dumb question but just wanted to confirm. I've a Asus DCII HD7950 non-boost edition already. Will I be able to crossfire it with say "Sapphire HD7950 with Boost" ? I guess yes but please confirm. Also can I try running these 2 cards on my TX650V2 or is it too risky? And BTW... I'm not...
  8. bubusam13

    Hayabusa at Rs 50,000

    Help this poor guy. You can get his hayabisa at Rs 50,000. a new suzuki hayabusa gsx 1300r - Hyderabad - Motorcycles - Scooters - Yellareddiguda Pls confirm and let me know also if its true.
  9. P

    WiFi router cannot be used?

    Hello all, I have a.Reliance broadband Freedom 999 plan. Well I wanted a WiFi router but as they provide a nom WiFi modem I asked them whether I can add a WiFi router of D-Link my self. But to my surprise they said that WiFi cannot be used with Reliance :O How is that possible. Never...
  10. axes2t2

    Imgur not opening on mtnl.

    Can anyone confirm this or is it just me ?
  11. R

    Problem (pc randomly rebooting)

    sir. For past -2 years my seondarypc was working fine .but now its random rebooting so did the following Removed all unwanted connectors and tried booting. still rebooted in few minutes 2 removed. RAM modules -no 3 veal sound 3 cleaned the pc. with blower and removed dusts and applied...
  12. saswat23

    Howz this tablet cum netbook?

    Found this: XElectron Netbook From the specs and price it looks very good. Can anyone else confirm the same. One of my friends is thinking of getting this.
  13. Radhesh Bhoot

    8GB micro SD Card Free with HTC ONE V, is it true???

    Hello Friends, One thing i wanted to confirm is that in some reviews of HTC One V they are mentioning that the 8GB SD Card is been given for free but it is not bundled in the box... so i wanted to confirm about the free 8GB card and also of which brand & what class?
  14. S

    Dell online payment question.

    Recently i had chat with one of the dell sales employee..He sent me quotation of dell xps 15 for around 65k with i7-2670m,4gb ram,fhd 1080p display,750 gb hdd,9 cell battery,etc.. (65k is after 5% discount). Now they are telling me to pay money to confirm..Isnt there any option so that i can...
  15. Champ

    Radeon 5670 with Athlon64 3200 ?

    Hi Guys, my present configuration CPU - AMD Athlon64 3200+ Mobo -Sapphire RS480 GPU - None PSU - CM xtreme Power 380W HDD - WD 250 GB sata 2 Ram - 1 GB (DDR 400 Mhz) In spite of some members advising against upgrading my PC Read here ...
  16. quan chi

    [Query] How is benq service in india?

    Guys i am hearing a lot of bad reviews about benq service in india.Can anyone please confirm hows its service in mumbai and other parts of india.
  17. W

    macbook pro from

    Wanna buy mac from Buy Apple MacBook Pro 13" (Core i5 / 4GB / 320GB / 13.3") MC700HN/A at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews Guess this is the latest? pls confirm. I saw no diff when compared to official apple...but need ur suggestions :)...
  18. R

    Anyone knows this website?

    Hi, Anyone on this forum know about * the prices are pretty good and cod is available too. Can anybody confirm that this site is legit? Thanks

    authentication software for drives

    im looking for a software tht provides a simple user authentication (password),for accessing drives and to confirm deletion?
  20. paroh

    Avast 5.889 (

    Free version Avast 5.889 blocking DelE Directorate of Education (Malicious url blocked) Can any one please confirm as there is no problem day before?
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