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Anyone knows this website?


Sage of the Six Paths

Anyone on this forum know about
the prices are pretty good and cod is available too. Can anybody confirm that this site is legit?



Cyborg Agent
if it is a new site then it has to give this option COD to build up trust slowly. Important thing is how fine they are in after sales service and their customer care behaviour.


Sage of the Six Paths
Unbelievable at higher side or lower?

Actually what I am planning to buy is a Philips SHP2700, its available for Rs 850 on eshowroom site. Whereas at my local market its Rs 1400. Flipkart offers at Rs 950. So the cheapest rate is only at eshowroom and the site is totally unpopular. Get my point?


Right off the assembly line
Can anyone tell their experience with this website ?????
How are the products that are delivered ?? Are they new and sealed ??
How many days did they take to deliver the product ??


^^Quite new site i believe.
If you wanna have first hand experience of their service then perhaps you should Order something(cheap if not expensive).And then Post your own feedback.

Maybe some forum members would have used it though mainly Flipkart/smc remains in high calls so chances are less.

Keep looking!
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