1. RBX

    Beware of Reliance

    After talking with a Reliance official, it has come to light that they can keep providing pathetic services, even as much as providing 5 minutes of services every 72 hours, and then they have no need of providing waiver. Last month my connection stayed down for 17+ days with sporadic access...
  2. Ironman

    [Query] How to File A Consumer Forum Complain ? Scammed me and not giving my money back i want to file a complaint . How should i do it ?:twisted:
  3. a_k_s_h_a_y

    bsnl broadband complaint link url

    hi guys I remember there was a URL where I posted a complain that my speed was still 2 mbps despite 4 mbps upgrade. Then they immediately fixed it . now my internet is down since 2 days, it says PPP Server link down/failed not connected. But ADSL link is up and fine. I want ot register a...
  4. Sinnet

    [Complaint] Philips 273P3LPH monitor after sales service problem

    I had purchased a 27" Philips 273P3LPH Monitor in June 2012 in Mumbai. It is working fine, but on 13th August 2013 the stand of the monitor came of broken on my desk. On inspection I saw that the stand is held in place by 1 metal ring and 1 single screw. Somehow the metal ring was broken. So...
  5. Krow

    [SOLVED] MTNL down since morning

    For the second time in a week my MTNL wifi internet connection is down. It's been down all day and I'm not sure what the problem is. Registered a complaint on their website and it disappeared after a couple of hours, but problem wasn't resolved. Filed complaint again. Last time it got...
  6. ankush28

    [Complaint] Neo dynamic computers WORST EXPIERIANCE

    Please dont go to dynamic computers they will confuse you and just try to get the most money that they can make Sorry for any typo or english mistake! On 26 june 2013 I went to Lamington to buy my new PC and got an worst experience about lamington road. First checked prices at primeabgb...
  7. josin

    [Complaint] please stay away from INfibeam, they are a bunch of cheaters

    please stay away from INfibeam, its hard to get a delivery from them I purchased Genius SP-HF1800A Three Way HiFi Wood Speakers with 50 Watt (Black) on 14/5/2013. i chose to pay them online(my Bad). the entire amount was paid and the delivery was promised to be on 20/5/13. Since they failed to...
  8. ratul

    [Praise] Videocon D2H Service

    I am using Videocon D2h since 2010 (the DVD one), and is really satisfied with their service, had their been any complaint and the service man used to come in 24hrs. at your doorstep, so i was satisfied.. But last week, just the day before holi (26th march), some problem arose in the card, due...
  9. tkin

    [Complaint] To All Who Bought Alto K10(Also Pathetic Maruti Onroad Service)

    Problem: Hi, my family purchased an Alto K10 Vxi last year, around march I think, just after launch, anyway a few days back I suffered from a terrible problem with the car, I was driving down the road normally(flat road, no climb), had 2 passengers in car, suddenly I heard a massive noise from...
  10. J

    galaxy s plus complaint

    guyz, i got a problem now on my gsp... whenever i close any apps, the contacts or keypad automatically opens and its really annoing... i tried restarting the phone, but the problem is still there... and along with that the ram memory also reduces to 50-60 mb and nothing works smoothly... is...
  11. kbar1

    [Views] Reason I avoid Lenovo

    Note: Story highly redacted and stripped of the fluff to comply with forum rules... :mrgreen: I don't want to think back to those torturous times again, so quoting from the email I sent them: They rejected my request (took months to come to that too). I sent it again to a different...
  12. M

    Online Shopping woe -

    Hi, I ordered for a Tissot Men's Watch from on 24/12/2011 for Rs. 10,703 INR. Order No: #10154647 Customer Name: Manoj Elangovan I haven't yet received my product and unable to reach them on their Customer care number 033-40166500. I have sent them numerous mails to...
  13. G

    How to give mobile network complaint effectively and get it solved

    This topic is about how to solve mobile network grievances in effectively for various operators. We encounter many problems like VAS activations, GPRS issues,network issues , Billing issue.etc.First get to know about the technology. Initial complaint ------------------ First start with any...
  14. nims11

    Broadband problem-in urgent need of advice

    Hello guys i m in desperate need of advice. I live in ranchi. My bsnl landline went dead after heavy rain. After 2 days a man came nd cured the line. The phone was then working fine but my broadband wasnt. I registered a complaint regarding this but they closed down the complaint case without...
  15. Ponmayilal

    U.S. Court summons Sony On PS3 FW update 3.21

    On a class action complaint filed by a California Resident and owner of a Sony PS3, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has issued summons to Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. The complaint pertains to the intentional doing away of the " Install...
  16. NewsBytes

    Now, Intel to face anti-trust law suit in the U.S.?

    It seems that Intel is not doing much to win any friends. Weeks after Nvidia said it would stop making chipsets for Intel’s new processors due to the latter’s unfair business tactics, the company now looks set to be in for a long legal battle in U.S. courts as the American Federal...
  17. jatt

    Where to file complaint against bsnl

    Dear friends, i am using bsnl broadband,they charged me Rs.500 without any reason in my first billing cycle.then they also confessed that it was wrong.they also accepted my application to adjust these Rs.500 in next billing cycle.but its my third bill they not adjusted those rupees.I am a...
  18. Techn0crat

    Which movie is this?

    I am asking here because it was given on digit DVD.I tried searching through PDF but couldn't find any result. The only scene I have watched is man goes to register complaint in police station of his own murder.It was an old B/W movie Thanks
  19. M

    grievances or lodging a complaint

    guys can you mention sites where i can file a complaint especially regarding the health system in india
  20. B

    BEWARE : TATA Indicom Broadband Users!

    All TATA Indicom broadband users, Please check your usage details for 13th and 20th December, there has been wrong amount debits has been happening bcoz of their system problem. On 13th morning it was showing log out time of evening 5.30pm & amount was debited calculating the usage time...
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