U.S. Court summons Sony On PS3 FW update 3.21

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On a class action complaint filed by a California Resident and owner of a Sony PS3, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has issued summons to Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

The complaint pertains to the intentional doing away of the " Install other OS" feature -an advertised feature at the time of selling - by the PS3 FW update 3.21 released around 01 April 2010.(Many users who were unaware, were shocked when it killed Linux on their consoles after updating.)

While Sony at the time of 3.21 release had said the update was optional, not updating will deny many of the additional advertised features both existing and that which may evolve later. ( More details in the complaint)

Full text of the 17 page complaint as filed in the court here .


Note:The documents archived such as the complaint, the summons issued to Sony etc., can be viewed by clicking on the respective document # in the source. The summons issued to Sony is now available online.
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yaa if its true that they advertised that u can install another OS on ps3..then its really stupid of sony...let the hackers play with that unofficially

look at mobile companies...they revel multitouch/vga recording/kinetic scrolling after its made available...and never remove a feature
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