1. thetillian

    BSNL Broadband

    Hi friends, I have a Bsnl Home UL750 plan (256kbps) internet connection and i dial through the modem they provided (UTSTARCOM, Model No: UT300R2U, and type I), i am facing some problems from recent days they are 1. Some times dailing takes a lot of time. 2. It disconnects often...
  2. Kniwor

    The Whining/Complaint Thread

    Guys, Post all the complains u have regarding the forum in this thread, regarding fellow members etc... or issues that u believe have not been solved after reporting threads/posts. Mind your language while u do this. Any complaint post henceforth, outside this thread, anywhere else in the...
  3. Cyrus_the_virus

    Microsoft files complaint on OOXML vote to apex office & Ministry of Consumer Affairs

    After India's NO vote for OOXML, this is yet another dirty old game Microsoft is so found of doing over and over again to push their propietory format into the open world and dilute the whole meaning of openness. :lol: PS: Source is not my blog
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