[Complaint] Philips 273P3LPH monitor after sales service problem


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I had purchased a 27" Philips 273P3LPH Monitor in June 2012 in Mumbai.
It is working fine, but on 13th August 2013 the stand of the monitor came of broken on my desk.
On inspection I saw that the stand is held in place by 1 metal ring and 1 single screw.
Somehow the metal ring was broken.
So i emailed Philips via their site and was received a reply with their Redington Service center details.
I called Redington India and was told to call Philips toll free to generate a Complaint ID.
So i called the toll free number where the exec would not take a complaint stating this is physical damage.
This is just absurd. I use the monitor on the desk and if this stuff broke off on it's own it's definitelyView attachment 11796 a manufacturing defect.
Philips toll free is being rude and not helping at all.
So I am posting here for some guidance on how to sort this issue.

PS: The monitor is in warranty.


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This is a sensitive issue,since physical damages are not covered under warranty.

Admitting you are telling the truth,and most of us @TDF members whole heartedly support for your cause & concern...but Friend,it's ultimately Philips the vendor/manufacturer who should feel satisfied and judge the possibility of your monitor incident.They need to be clarified logically and truthfully.
Still try friend,for a #RMA from philips.

Even if you move to consumer forum,you might expect difficulties for the very nature of your problem.

Here proof and clarification of judgement supercedes emotion...mind that friend.

Still,wish you all for the Best,in case it's repaired by Philips(FREE of charge).

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Did you check the unit before accepting it or did you happen to see it now? Did you make sure the stand was properly installed?

Honestly, I haven't heard of stands breaking on their own, unless they weren't installed properly in the first place and it was just a matter of time that the problem will surface in some form eventually- or if too much force was applied over the TV and then it happen to break the stand. I am not sure how can one clarify a stand breaking on its own for no reason at all on the same location logically to begin with.

The best you can do is ask if you can buy a replacement stand. But physical damage is not covered under warranty.


The Stand Would'nt Break out of nowhere. Do you have kids around? You best bet is going to new stand or buying an VESA wall mount. No use fighting as its physical damage.
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