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Hello guys i m in desperate need of advice. I live in ranchi.
My bsnl landline went dead after heavy rain. After 2 days a man came nd cured the line. The phone was then working fine but my broadband wasnt. I registered a complaint regarding this but they closed down the complaint case without doing anything.

Then i again registered a complaint. I also called up the local exchange, dey told tht they will send in someone bt no one came. Aftr two days i again called and after 10 calls a man came and he checked things for about 5 minutes nd said tht there was some probs with the card or port at the exchange nd tht he will solve d prob nxt day.

Two days passd and nthin happend i also calld to remind him but he just made excuses. Meanwhile d compaint i had registered was still in showin in progress status. Aftr 2 days since d bsnl guy came 2 my house, he seems to hav blockd my no on his. A call came today from exchange askin about my probs. I told dem in detail nd dey said tht evrythin wil b fine by evening but the problem still persists. D 2nd complaint i had registered has again been closed dwn.

Its been more thn 15 days since d problem startd. I m feelin helpless. Plz frnds advice me wat 2 do. Now i dont hav ny respect for bsnl as they treat their customers lik dogs.

What should i do nw guys?
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