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  1. Dark Star

    Compiz Fusion To Be Dropped ! Arrival of a new Composite Desktop

    Roadmap of upcoming Compiz ++/New Composite Manager : Merge Compiz and Compiz Fusion both in name and support systems. We are now using just Compiz as the name, and Compiz is moving away from Freedesktop entirely. Details are still being worked out. Release Compiz 0.8.0. Expect a release...
  2. dare_devil

    ubuntu,Compiz and menubar( close, maximize etc)

    i recently shifted completely to ubuntu. i am still beginner in ubuntu, but want to try out. as i think every new user do, i also upgraded all files and install other apps that are recommended. now when i restarted menubar( close, maximize etc) get lost from all windows and i cant able to move...
  3. saurabh kakkar

    Some compiz feature required in Xp

    Hi members Posting after a long time :) Actually this Q is for my windows Xp but related to Linux so posting in here I was using Ubuntu with Compiz and there was a Negative feature in that press super key nd N and u will get desktop in Negative mode as i m hooked to this feature nd currently...
  4. A

    Compiz Fusion : Minimum Requirements ? ? ?

    Can anyone tell me what is the minimum requirement for running Compiz Fusion with all its bells and whistles? My machine is 4yrs old. AMD Athlon XP 2400+; 512MB RAM; Asus A7N266VM motherboard; nVidia Geforce 2 onboard graphics(32MB shared RAM); nVidia nforce 2 audio
  5. A

    Compiz Fusion : Minimum Requirements ? ? ?

    Can anyone tell me what is the minimum requirement for running Compiz Fusion with all its bells and whistles? My machine is 4yrs old. AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 512MB RAM Asus A7VM266 motherboard nVidia Geforce 2 onboard graphics nVidia nforce 2 audio
  6. thewisecrab

    Installed Ubuntu.Now What????

    As the title reads I finally installed ubuntu (using 10GB of HDD) I have a few queries: Now what should I do to use it to the max? (Bit unclear, I know) I'm unable to install Mac4Lin (cant figure out head or tail) What media players are suitable in Ubuntu? (To play any freakin file under the...
  7. Cyrus_the_virus

    Compiz and Compiz Fusion 0.7.6 out in wild

    by cyberorg, Sunday, June 1st, 2008 @ 7:57 am Our friends Dennis Kasprzyk and Guillaume Seguinannounced the release of Compiz and Compiz Fusion 0.7.6 respectively. As is the tradition we always make a release with a lot of new features and of course eye-candy to...
  8. gauravsuneja

    wow what a plugin in compiz

    anybody i think everybody will be using compiz if someone is using linux .just want to inform one thing i found out. IN THE ANIMATIONS MENU WHEN U PRESS FOCUS ANIMATION U GET SOME VALUE WRITTEN ON IT JUST CHANGE THAT VALUE TO NEAR ABOUT 300 AND CHANGE THE DROP DOWN TO DODGE AND SEE THE EFFECT
  9. gauravsuneja

    how to get and install new compiz plugins

    hello to all if u search youtube u will get to see so many new plug ins like Atlantis's ,cylinder,dodge ,3d windows ,anaglyph 3d plugin,freewins plugins. my question is where to het the newly released plugins for compiz and how to install them correctly i am noobie to linux so kindly write...
  10. gauravsuneja

    has anybody tried compiz on vmware

    has anybody tried running ubuntu as guest os in windows and got compiz effects on it?
  11. gauravsuneja

    help with compiz in hardy harron

    recently i installed hardy with the help of wubi .g8 such a thing has never been thought of. but the problem is i was getting snapping windows out of the box but the advance desktop setting for compiz was not visible neither the close and open windows animation were visible .i uninstall ed...
  12. Dark Star

    Compiz-Check : Will Compiz work for you?

    Compiz-Check is a script to test if Compiz is able to run on your system/setup and if not, it will tell you the reason why. The script is suitable for GNOME, KDE and Xfce users and is not limited to a specific Linux distribution – in fact, the script lists those infos for you. The test...
  13. gauravsuneja

    (req) compiz fusion like thingy for windows xp

    is there anything which we can use to get compiz fusion like effects on windows xp
  14. gauravsuneja

    make ubuntu 3d and use 3d glasses made at home

    Welcome. For those using Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron default compiz or compiz --version > 0.6.* this guide should not be used. For those who are using Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon and would like to have 3D Windows, Atlantis2, Snow, Stars, Atlantis, Screensaver, Anaglyph, Wallpaper, Tile, Freewins...
  15. sganesh

    How to enable compiz in Mandriva 2008 and in UBuntu 7.10

    hi Tuxs, I chose linux because of its security and attractive GUI with Beryl and Compiz,I having following System conifguration AMD Athlon 3200 Asus A8V-VM Series 80GD Harddisk I Tried Several Distribution such as Open suse10.3,Mandriva 2008, Moreover i also Allocated 128MB on board Video...
  16. gary4gar

    Compiz-fusion: Disapearing Desktop elements.

    I am having problem with compiz fusion, main problem is the My whole desktop keeps disappearing in parts, then comes back for few secs when i hover mouse pointer the them. Here is a random screenshot, to explain my problem For now i have disabled compiz :|
  17. Faun

    Mandriva 2008 review

    Installed Mandriva 2008 today, was tinkering abt the usability, lo the interface is more responsive than Ubuntu Gutsy (Somehow Ubuntu is gettin bloated with every new version). I was able to play Audio (Amarok ftw) and Video (Kaffeine ftw) out of the box. Even the installation from live cd...
  18. max_demon

    Running Compiz on School computer.

    Hello friends , I have been asked to install Ubuntu and Compiz on a single computer as a test . i can install ubuntu7.04 via Wubi. but installing Compiz is pain on a computer WITHOUT INTERNET tell me the files required . and the procedure and crystel theme . the computer is core2duo 1.6 with...
  19. CadCrazy

    Ubuntu 7.10 on Dell 1720

    Just purchased Dell Inspiron 1720 with following config C2D 2.00 GHz 2GB RAM 250GB HDD GeForce 8600m GT 1440 X 900 screen resolution It come preloaded with vista.Booted from live cd and installed Ubuntu 7.10. I have few problems. - Sound is not working.Sound card is intel azilia - After i...
  20. mak1012

    managing compiz

    hello friends, i'm using xubuntu desktop. here when i typed compiz on terminal it started working but now i'm not able to minimize ne window and even i'm not able to c ne window icon like cancel, maximize and minimize. please help me as soon as possible.
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