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  1. N

    Indian eSports Championship strengthens the gaming eco-system

    Essense Transmedia Pvt Ltd. and Neon Gaming have come together to bring you the Indian eSports Championship. Cafe Warz is a 48-day long city-based competition is designed for amateurs and professionals gamers along with the Gaming Cafe owners comprising of 64 teams in the playoff league. In its...
  2. Cyberghost

    Trackmania® Turbo

    Test your skills in outlandish tracks and challenge your friends at home (offline splitscreen) or online. 4 ENVIRONMENTS = 4 GAMEPLAYS Rollercoaster Lagoon: Defy gravity in a tropical paradise, racing on magnetic tracks. International Stadium: Use your driving skills to master the tracks of...
  3. rakesh_sharma23

    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces OC Showdown 2015

    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces OC Showdown 2015 KEY POINTS Global competition to crown the world’s best extreme and enthusiast overclockers starts today. Extreme series for subzero overclockers with no restrictions on cooling equipment used, and Formula series for enthusiast...
  4. R

    Nintendo Game-cube / N64

    Hey everyone! Does anybody in Mumbai have the Nintendo Game cube or/and Nintendo N64? I need to take a picture with it, it's for a competition and needs to be submitted by Sunday! Please respond if you have it. Thanks n cheers!
  5. mohityadavx

    100% Scholarship Sweden for Master in Engineering + prizes

    Got this mail thought some techno geek may find it useful :)
  6. B

    Presenting, the first ever "Offend an Indian Politician Competition"

    Hello guys As if their horrible leadership skills weren’t enough, Indian politicians have now started whining about their offended sensibilities. If you like me have been disgusted by the unconstitutional arrest of the cartoonist Aseem Trivedi then show your anger towards Indian Politicians by...
  7. K

    media and career forums playing double role

    just reading the article on website which was copied from times of india The article was "IIT JEE 2012 aspirant commits suicide for fear of failure" bad . The other half of the title is "Please understand JEE is not everything" When you will visit this website it will appear...
  8. TheLetterD

    In 12th right now, need help planning ahead

    Hello Im in 12th right now and I am EXTREMELY confused. PLEASE help me! I messed up my 11th. Like REALLY REALLY Messed up(I got 56% in my Finals and havent prepared ANY CHAPTER AT ALL for competition exams). Now I am in 12th and I have started studying hard after struggling through the first 2...
  9. pramudit

    [CONTEST] Gaming competition at Lucknow

    Anybody interested in it? Me and my friends might go there...
  10. Charley

    Micromax Funbook vs. the competition:

    This is a very good review by the TD Team, but Karbon Tab isn't included :) Micromax Funbook vs. the competition: Specifications, benchmarks compared -Tablets
  11. ico

    Entry Thread - Workspace Showoff Contest

    This is the entry thread for http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/contests/155070-thinkdigit-forum-workspace-showoff-contest.html. If you have any questions, ask in the above thread. Posts like "cool setup!!" will get deleted if posted in this thread. Keep this thread clean and only post snaps...
  12. revolt

    Debate:-India is a worst place for career development.

    1.Bad/stupid mentality.(covers almost everybody) 2.Too much population. 3.Improper competition. 4.Very very less flexibility. 5.Inadequate salary. 6.Improper wealth distribution. 7.lazy people. 8.No respect.
  13. TheLetterD

    Any news on Galaxy S Advance's Indian release?

    2 Questions. 1.Can anyone who remembers after how long UK only Phones (NOT available in the USA) released in India by samsung predict the launch date of the Galaxy S Advance? Its already available for pre-booking in the UK: Buy Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070 & Official Accessories 2...
  14. Garbage

    Need a "propose letter" with corporate jargon

    Hi, As Valentine's day coming near, one of my friend wanted to write a "propose letter" with lots of corporate jargon. She wants to submit it for some competition. I am hopping you guys could help. :P
  15. V

    Help my final year project

    Hi! I am doing my final year in the department of Information Technology. Unfortunately i was forced to do this project but I have no idea what it is about. The project concept: For example, consider X college is conducting a symposium in 2009. It has a website which details the competition...
  16. RCuber

    Rakshita Kanakaraj Youngest Rubik's Blindfolded Solver

    Yep Guys , this young girl has become the worlds youngest Rubik's Cube Blindfold solver. The competition "Shaastra Cube Open 2011" was held at IIT Madras on 1st and 2nd Oct 2011. I had been there to participate in the Regular 3x3 and 2x2 competition (I didn't make it to the finals :( )...
  17. RCuber

    GPU-Z & PowerColor Giveaway

    I just downloaded the new version of GPU-Z and came to know that PowerColor has tied up with them for a give away. have a look at it . Source Link As I recently upgraded my PC/GFX card, I wont be achieving any low scores now :D So I hope some one else over here can win those :) EDIT...
  18. F

    E-Gaming competition notifications?

    Can any one tell me what are the major gaming competitions in India & Abroad. What should i do if i want to participate in these? Is there any competition for FIFA 2010 or 11??? :P
  19. T

    How much should one wait?

    When sandybridge configurations will be affordable? Is AMD upto some worthy competition? By the way, I have a budget of 30K for whole system.Will it ever fit that budget.
  20. vickybat

    Intel to Use PowerVR Graphics in New Atom CPU

    Finally amd zacate fusion platform will have competition. Intel is touting its atom successor cedarview to fuse with powerVR graphics core which does duty in arm based soc's in ipad2 and the yet to be launched NGP. It seems intel will have serious graphics horsepower over its earlier...
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