1. evil_maverick

    Slow data copy speed over home wifi network..

    hello every 1, needed some quick adv, am using a ASUS RT N1 3U B1 (with ddwrt firmware)..everything is working fine..but.when ever I try to copy and paste files from my fone to the comp..I get reallly low arnd 600 to 700 this normal? using win 7 ultimate..64bit.. thanks..
  2. Ronnie11

    Need RAM,keyboard and Mouse

    Hey guys, so i am looking to make some changes to my own computer now.First of all, my razer keyboard and mouse have been giving me problems for the past few months.Some of the keyboard buttons are not functioning and the mouse scroll is not working too.So i am looking to buy a new set...
  3. °

    help! satan in my PC!!!

    PC CONFIG: AMD Phenom II x3 720 BE 4GB DDR3 RAM Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 Asus M4A78T-E Coolermaster Elite Power (600W PSU) Hey guys i have been having weird problems for the past couple of weeks. Ever since i got my new GFX card all hell has broken loose. The comp worked well for a week. I had...
  4. anirbandd

    Discussion: MD Computer does not RMA CM products from Flipkart

    Hi all, I visited MD Comp to buy the NZXT Gamma, ans was having a chat with Palash, the gaming section in-charge at MD Comp. I casually told him that I was planning to buy the CM 4x120mm case fan Pack from Flipkart for the Gamma later. He told me that if you buy the fans from FK, you will not...
  5. V

    GPU and PSU for 13k.

    Hey guys. A friend of mine wanted to upgrade his comp. He wants to buy a new psu and gpu in the above budget.. His comp specs include c2d e7500 and 4gb RAM. Can someone help? Thanks. EDIT: He'll game at 1360 x 760.
  6. P


    Hi I have currently intel core2duo e4400 2ghz cpu 1gb ram and 1gb nvidia 210 graphics card. I recently started using windows 7 from xp so wanted to upgrade ram. After installing another 1gb the monitor does not display anything though the comp starts. What could be the problem ? The comp starts...
  7. S

    PC rebooting on giving PRINT command

    Hi all, My office PC (Intel Core 2 Duo E7600, 2GB RAM, Win 7 Pro) has a HP Laserjet P3005dn installed. Whenever I am giving a "print" command, the comp is rebooting. Is it bcoz of inadequate power supply issues? regards
  8. R

    Hook up computer 5.1 speakers to HDTV

    Can we connect comp. speakers to hdtv directly? if not what is that link I am missing?
  9. Cool Comps

    Monitor displaying "No signal detected" even though computer is on

    Weird Problem Guys i know this isnt the place to post this but plz bear with me. My computer switches on but the monitor doesnt recieve any signal and it displays a message " No signal recieved " which i used to get when i switched off the comp. ok now i disconnected the monitor and...
  10. pritamk


    hey guys i m having problem with my comp sometimes all of sudden my comp crashes. after that pc reboots fine. below is description of the problem plz help my OS WIN 7 Ultimate bit Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 1033...
  11. D

    RAM problem

    Yesterday iadded a ddr2 2gb ram to my existing config of Pentium 4 3.2 ghz processor 2gb ddr 2 ram Nvidia 9500 GT Graphic den after i insert it in da ram slot and open da comp da comp starts giving beeping sounds and when i remove it it works fine Any help on how can i use it???
  12. 1

    BlueScreen Error

    Hey everyone. Sometimes when i run some games my computer restarts. For example my comp runs PES 6 with full graphics without any prob. But when i run Fifa 06/ Fifa 05 my comp restarts whenever i start the game. It is the same with NFS carbon and MW. They work with Details level 3(smoothly)...
  13. abirthedevil

    Desktop trouble

    My desktop has been a pain in the bottom side for quite a few months now, fiddled around with at the start but didnt care later and today i spent my entire day trying to get it up and running to find out in the end that comp shuts down on its own Things wrong with the comp 1. GPU does not...
  14. deep92

    Pc under 6k!!!!

    People now this might seem some odd but i really want a configuration under or max. 6k:shock:.actually a friend of mine wants to but a computer just for his school projects and assignments.he justs wants to do word,powerpoint etc.he just wants a basic comp. with monitor,keyboard,mouse with the...
  15. Ronnie11

    Graphics/Display/Motherboard/Codec what is this problem???

    hey guys,i have a weird problem...I usually download music videos from hotfile or similar websites...i had no problems earlier but recently i noticed,all the MV i download have too many disturbances or pixelated or distorted sort..I thought this could be a problem from the main source as i used...
  16. M

    Win 7 help

    Ok guys, I have shifted from Win XP to Win 7. In XP when i plug the earphones to the comp i did not have to change any setting's to make the comp switch default sound settings to earphones :) In 7 i have to go to control panel->sound and settings and change the default IS there any way the comp...
  17. abhijitsb306

    Seagate Warranty

    Hi guys, New Seagate 500GB SATA HDD which I got from Aashirwad Comp (S.P Road , Bangalore) this weekend is not detecting :x. I connected to 3 of my friends PC , but still no luck :cry: . The drive just spins for a few seconds when switched on and then goes silent. What could be the problem...
  18. sachinmu.1995

    Windows Vista Home Basic startup blank screen

    Hey guys, i have a dell inspiron 1525 laptop with the following config - 1.83ghz CPU 3gb ddr2 ram 160gb internal harddisk running on windows vista home basic 32-bit recently, i restarted my comp, i logged in as administrator, and then, all i see is a white blank screen. a few days before...
  19. V

    Comp not booting up help!

    Hi guys, My computer just refuses to boot up. Last night i switched on my comp, selected Win 7(dual booting of 7 & XP) and when it was loading Win 7, it gave me a message that there's some prob with the hard disk and its scanning for errors. After the scanning was finished, it asked me to...
  20. hjpotter92

    +2 AIEEE.. an then? Repeat

    I scored 88% in 12th class from CBSE(Science). scored AIR 44882 (gen. category) and now, i have to drop, because there is no govt. college for Comp. Sc.
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