1. Skyh3ck

    Positive Experience - Belmonte Mens combo pack great experience

    hello i am posting my experience with they have a dedicated shopping channel, many times i used to watch this, and they showed many cloths for men.. i was curious how it will end up. so i took a risk and order a Belmonte Combo pack of 7 shirt and 2 pant fabric for 1999/- i received...
  2. bestpain

    New gaming pc in just 20k.

    1. *Model number and details: PROCESSOR -Intel core i3 3220 MOTHERBOARD -gigabyte B75-D3H RAM -CORSAIR 4GB RAM 1600MHZ PSU -CORSAIR CX430 WATT GPU -SAPPHIRE 7770 GHZ EDITION GRAPHICS CARD SOME NEW GAMES ALSO INCLUDED 2. *Date of purchase:17.04.13 3. Reason for sale: HAVE GONE TO...
  3. akash1988

    Best CPU+Motherboard Combo under 5K?

    A friend wants to upgrade his processor and motherboard under 5K. So is there any AMD Llano or Trinity processor+motherboard combo kit, similar to the Intel Atom CPU+Mobo kits, under 5K? Do provide a link from where we can buy it online, if possible.
  4. B router or modem+router combo?? confused

    hi friends , I am using a bsnl 's adsl modem on broadbañd connection from 2008. it is. a T-KD 318EUI and running I want to share my bbnd conn. with my tablet,laptop and smartphones I am bit confused in it, should I put forward a wi-fi router on my modem or I would...
  5. D

    Buying help......

    Pls ppl help me...... i need a pmp + iems for total of around 3k (can adjust) pls suggest some decent ones.... guess 3k aint enough.... ): pls at least suggest a combo price can go 4-5k as well.... guess 3k aint enough.... ): pls at least suggest a combo price can go 4-5k as well....
  6. A

    wireless Keybord Mouse Combo

    Guys i want to buy a new wireless Keybord Mouse Combo for my friends old laptop which dont have a built in bluetooth. Budget is 1.5k. Will buy locally. No one ?
  7. avinandan012

    planning to buy this logitec combo

    Hi all I am planning to buy Logitech Gaming Combo G100 Keyboard combo . Can anyone share light on this. I use claw grip on mouse.
  8. MegaMind

    A good wireless combo.

    Hello guys, it's been a long time. I'm planning on a good wireless kb n mouse for my rig. I can spend 2K for this combo. Which one would be a good choice? I'm having Microsoft wireless desktop 2000 in mind. Any better options?
  9. C

    Best GPU+PSU combo for 8k

    i want to buy GPU+PSU for my year old PC. My budget is Rs 8k for the combo. Please suggest
  10. bloodlife

    Gaming Mouse/Wireless combo

    Hello everyone, pls suggest a gaming mouse for my PC, had Basic MS mouse used it to the point were left-click no longer works replacing it...thought of G400 priced 1850/- @ FK. Any other options within 2k range? (and..i'm Right-Handed) Also i need a wireless combo for my...
  11. NiGHtfUrY

    Best Processor and motherboard combo for gaming

    I am planning to buy a new gaming rig but i am in a doubt about the main components i.e the processor and the motherboard. Many members have asked this question so this thread may clear the doubt for everyone. The idea of overclocking does not appeal to me as i have zero knowledge about it and...
  12. sumit_anand

    Combo offer from LG on their 3D Tv.

    I see a lot of people coming to this offer and asking for recommendation about tv's so I just though to post a home theatre combo offer from lg. Here comes the link of the same LG Great Home Theatre Combo Offers. The offer seems exciting to me, Anyone here to take the benefit of the same??
  13. newway01

    [Want to Buy] Looking for a LGA 775 Motherboard with DDR3 Ram support

    I need an lga775 board with DDR3 support. Combo models like MSI P45Neo or Gigabyte G41 Combo etc. also preferred. My location is Kochi, Kerala
  14. R

    Mobo For i5 3570k. Damn Urgent

    Need Mobo for i5 3570k. Main Purpose gaming,Dont ask me to answer those list of questions Other Specs are RAM: G.Skill RipjawsX 1600 MHz 4 GB x2 PSU: Corsair GS600 GPU: Sapphire HD7870 LE Cabinet: NZXT gamma Monitor: Dell st2220L 22" Logitech MK200 KB & mmouse combo HDD...
  15. R

    Cheaper alternatives for below Config

    PU: i5 3550 motherboard: Asus P8B75 V RAM: G.Skill RipjawsX 1600 MHz 4 GB x2 PSU: Corsair GS600 GPU: Sapphire HD7950 3 GB Vapour-x Cabinet: NZXT gamma Monitor: Dell st2220L 22" Logitech MK200 KB & mouse combo HDD: seagate barracuda 2 TB. Need to buy Gaming...
  16. M

    Problem in Free calls in "BBG FN COMBO 600" plan

    Hi Friends, I received the BSNL usage bill a couple of days back. I noticed that the free calls were charged. There are 250 free calls in the plan "BBG FN COMBO 600" but in the bill it has been mentioned that just 8 calls are free and those 8 calls are "Free Usage Amount-ONNET". Please refer...
  17. Alok

    Remember Me

    GfAHseKzb54 Plot The player controls Nilin (voiced by Kezia Burrows ), an amnesiac 'memory hunter', through the streets of Neo-Paris in the year 2084 . This dystopian future features a surveillance state . Nilin's former employer, Memorise, erases her memories to neutralize her and she must...
  18. Mainak23

    [Want to Buy] Gaming Keyboard+Mouse Combo

    As the tittle suggest i am looking for a Gaming Keyboard+Mouse Combo in good condition [preferred if few months warranty left] Any interested user willing to sell PM me your offer with details... Location:- West Bengal Max. Budget:- Total 3.5k for the combo... Payment:- NEFT
  19. R

    Need keyboard and mouse for 3.3k

    Suggest me a decent keyboard and mouse combo within 3.3k.
  20. Cilus

    [Want to Buy] Need quad core combo!!!

    Hi folks, Looking for quad core combo (cpu + mobo + ram) DDR3 based Phenom II x4/Athlon II X4 solutions are proffered but not strict. I just need the Motherboard to be in warranty, at least 6 months. Let me know at the earliest.
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