1. kg11sgbg

    Wifi Router(only) for alliance broaddband and below Rs.1000(not a single paise above)

    Hello friends,I am switching over to ALLIANCE Broadband (Preferred+) Plan. Abandoning BSNL, which was my network ISP since 2007(with combo voice + BB features). I want a wifi-Router(not with combo modem) below Rs.1000/- Not a single paise to exceed the budget. From which one should I buy...
  2. ssb1551

    How many hours back if I buy the Inverter with Battery combo?

    Hi All, After almost 6 hours of power outtage earlier today I have had it with BESCOM. I found this Inverter and Battery combo at Amazon : Luminous Zelio 1100va + Exide 150AH Battery Great Premium Combo offer!! - Buy Luminous Zelio 1100va + Exide 150AH Battery Great Premium Combo offer...
  3. TheFallenLord

    Need a KB&M combo under 3k

    Need a KB&M combo under 3k Hey guys, I've been using the Logitech MK200 KB&M combo since 5 years and lately both have started showing little problems that, though not major, are very annoying. My mouse sometimes double-clicks when I single-click it and some of the keys on my keyboard make a...
  4. M

    Need help in buying stuff

    Hi all, I am a naive guy and hence would like you to help me as i am planning to upgrade my system (cpu). My options are Core i7 3770 and z68 mobo and 8 gb ram Or i5 4570 and b85 mobo and 8gb Kingston hyper x I am confused which one should i opt for. In the 1st combo...
  5. Raziel

    Mortal Kombat 9 - Kabal NDC Combo

    Just sharing a Mortal Kombat 9 combo I recorded, which is tough to execute..If anyone tried Kabal and his crazy Nomad Dash Cancel pressure gaming then you'll understand.. :D I'm no expert btw...I don't know if anyone here still playing this game lol :mrgreen:
  6. maverick786us

    Need this speaker system

    I want to buy M-Audio BX5 Sub Combo, it is a wonderful 2.1 speaker setup for your Desktop PC M-Audio - BX6 Carbon M-Audio - BX Subwoofer But I am having hard time finding a dealer for this speaker combo. Can someone suggest me, where I can find this speaker system? Looks like the speakers...
  7. maverick786us

    Want these speakers

    I want to buy M-Audio BX5 Sub Combo, it is a wonderful 2.1 speaker setup for your Desktop PC M-Audio - BX6 Carbon M-Audio - BX Subwoofer But I am having hard time finding a dealer for this speaker combo. Can someone suggest me, where I can find this speaker system? Looks like the speakers and...
  8. ssb1551

    Dual sim phone less than 10k with both the sim slots as 3G

    Hi all. As the title suggests I am looking for an Android/Windows phone dual sim phone where both the sim slots work on 3G as most of the hand sets in the market have a 3G+2G combo. So are there any such sets available? If yes then below is the filled questionnaire. 1. Budget? Preferably <...
  9. Ironman

    Blu-Ray Combo Drive + Few Features - Needed

    I need a Internal Drive Blu-Ray Combo DVD RW Lightscribe (BD Reader not Writer) Please Suggest a model.
  10. S

    suggest some good wireless mouse and keyboard combo

    Hi guys i am looking to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I was searching but couldn't find any good ones nor do i know anyone who uses wireless keyboard and mouse. My Budget is 5k, range is not a priority but it should not have delay and battery should be long lasting. thanks
  11. kool

    BSNL bill of Rs.3000 :( for PLAN change [BBG 1445 ULD COMBO]

    Hi guys, I migrated from BB FN COMBO 500 (NU) to BB COMBO ULD 1445 on 23 June 2014. Today i got my bill for JUNE and its Rs.3000 :| From last 3 years i was getting bill Rs.1000-1200 for "FN combo 500" but why they have charged so high for migration ?? :|:| In JUNE bill, it showing BBG CNT COMBO...
  12. S

    Intel B75 + Pentium G2030 + RAM--> 1333 0r 1600?

    I am planning to purchase the following combo but i am not sure which RAM will work it. Mobo - Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H CPU - Intel 3 GHz LGA 1155 G2030 RAM - here i have 2 options. 1. Transcend 4GB DDR3 (JM1333KLH-4G) 2. Transcend 4GB DDR3 (JM1600KLN-4G) I don't know whether 1600 RAM will work...
  13. S

    Motherboard and Cpu combo

    So I think I fried my mobo. Looking for a mobo cpu combo for gaming and photoshop. 2. What is your overall budget? If you can extend a bit for a more balanced configuration, then mention thirs too. Ans:10-12k 3. Planning to overclock? Ans:No 4. Which Operating System are you...
  14. kool

    ►► Wireless keyborad + mouse combo : Dell KM113 vs Rapoo X1800 ?

    Hi guys, My 2 year old Logitech wireless keyboard (Model: K270) died, it was under warranty, and service center was unable to replace it, bcoz model has been discontinue. So they have given me a paper cash card value of Rs.700 which can be redeemed at one of his own nearest local shop. Now...
  15. S

    Bsnl BB Home Combo ULD 950 strange problem in link

    Dear all, Few days ago i changed my broadband plan BSNL BB Home Combo ULD 800 to BB Home Combo ULD 950,from changing days instead i getting 4 mbps i only get 1 Mbps but link not stable, maximum website are not opening only loading & loading. In previous plan there was no problem such...
  16. sujoyp

    Please suggest wireless Keyboard mouse combo and wireless USB adapters.

    Hi guys, I want to simplify my desktop cable management. So planning to dump my old wired keyboard wired mouse with a wireless combo. Also I have a TP-LINK TD-W8968 300 Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2 for all devices except Desktop. I want to remove that lan cable and get a wireless USB adapter...
  17. A

    Motherboard,Processor and RAM combo under Rs.15000

    I'll be upgrading my rig within a few weeks, but I am on a tight budget currently. So what will a good mobo+ram+processor combo strictly within Rs.15000? :)
  18. D

    Advice regarding Amkette Xcite Combo USB Keyboard and Mouse

    I need a new keyboard & mouse, and this combo fits nicely into my price range: Amkette Xcite Combo USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Amkette: I'll mostly use it for typing, surfing the net & some light gaming. Just wanted to know if anyone has bought it, or knows someone who has used...
  19. Revolution

    Keyboard + Mouse 1K

    Hi, Looking for a keyboard and a mouse for my bro. Budget 1K. Will be buy from online or Chandni,Kolkata. Where I will get cheaper. Is this good combo ? Pls suggest me with price and place.
  20. A

    Is using 2 different wireless receiver for mouse and keyboard will disturb each other

    HI I have a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and mice combo. The mouse is not working anymore so I have to buy new mouse, I am thinking about Belkin. I want to know that if using two different receiver for each keyboard and mouse will create problem or not. I dont want to buy combo again. I have...
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