1. A

    is asus dvd combo good?

    is asus dvd combo good? and wat is the price? i want ot installl a combo. which is more good: samsung or asus????????
  2. A

    is asus dvd combo good?

    can any bone tell that ,is asus dvd combo good?
  3. A

    need extra cooling Heatsink+fan combo for Athlon XP CPU chip

    This summer is going to be a lot hotter . I have decided to get a some copper or other heatsink fan combo. something like that I am new in this catagory.. plz tell me different solutions with aprox. prices and their places in Mumbai and plz don't suggest liquid cooling. AMD Athlon XP 1800+ cpu
  4. photon

    My combo gone for six!!!!!!!!!!

    As it is mentioned in Digit several times to upgrade the firmware, I have downloaded updated version of firmware for my combo LG 4521B. After installing the firmware my PC required reboot. But after reboot, the PC fails to start. Combo is not identified on POST and the PC hangs on Intel Pentium...
  5. S

    hardware problems???

    I am using p4 1.6 a mercury 845GLV mothboard i have a lg dvd combo drive sometimes whenever i put a cd in my drive the whole system just goes off and to get it restarted i have to detach the power cord from my cpu and put it in again.Please tell what the possible cause can be .I have tested my...
  6. amrit1

    Cd drive is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hav a combo drive It is not writing even not reading dvds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me
  7. T

    Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition and Combo box

    Dear friends, Can anyone tell me how can we make the data fields from a database appear in the Combo Box drop-down list at run time. So, what i mean to say is, I want the entries in the Combo Box Drop Down list to be taken by VB from a ACCESS DATABASE TABLE directly at run time...
  8. TechGuru#1


    Which is Currently the BEST CD-writer in Indian Market? & what should be the price for that? P.S : .......I'm getting Benq/ASUS/Gigabyte/Liteon/LG/Samsung/sony for abt Rs. 1200-1300 range........& so "IF" price of the item is OK by that,......WHICH BRAND & Model should I pick? Please...
  9. Quiz_Master

    Some urgent questions

    1.) How do I backup my AVG Antivirus updates...So when I refomat I dont have to download all the updates again... 2.) I have a pinnacle pctv sterio tv tuner..I used WinDVR for watching tv on windows 98. Now I want to use Chris TV. Problem is that there is no sound in Chris tv while watching...
  10. Z

    Help..purchasing a motherboard

    hi i am having an intel p4 3 ghz proccessor and i want a new budget is around 6000..... and can i buy a amd board with processor combo for around 6000...please help..
  11. D

    Combo Drive refuses to stay closed! Pls Help!

    I am new to this forum. I am experiencing strange problem. My combo drive tray just doesn't stay closed. Once in, it again comes out in seconds.(with or without cd or dvd whatever.) Please help anyone! Please.
  12. nishant_nms

    Alcohol 120% doesn't detects combo

    I am using Alcohol 120% The problem is that it doesn't detects my Samsung SM-352F combo drive. Plz help me. I when installed the software this combo was not present but after getting the combo i reinstalled it once again but it still doesn't detects it. I also tried the option to...
  13. VD17

    Combo drive does not burn at the max speed

    Hey guys, i bought a new combo drive a few days ago [samsung SH-M522C] ... it supports speeds of 52/32/52+16 Accordingly, i should be able to burn discs at 52X and rewrite at 32X (if the discs i'm writing on to support that speed). Well, i can't. Atleast not with my drive. I used CDs of various...
  14. harish_21_10

    Error due to DVD-R

    I have a sony DRU-810A DVD-R/ the problem is there are few cd's and DVD whose data is not being read by this drive,where the same cd's or the DVD does fine with my friends combo drive(a Sony combo drive it is). I have a DVD which has four ISO files of a game out of which the fourth ISO...
  15. gtoX

    Combo BlueZ

    Hello, I have a P4 3.0GHz(HT) 512MB Intel 865GBF system running WinXP (SP2), that I bought about 6 months ago. The system has a Samsung SM352F Combo drive. I have a very peculiar problem with this combo drive. Although itplays most CDs well, it has problems playing DVDs (Data as well as...
  16. P

    couple of questions regardings combo n dvd writer

    hey guyz i have a little doubt i wanna know whats de difference between a combo and a dvd writer is combo any good?coz one of my friend is sick of it n says it totally sucks so if a combo is good which one should i get ?...and how much will it cost n what about dvd writers why r they expensive...
  17. E

    mobo+processor 4 15k

    plz suggest da best mobo+processor combo for around 15k! :arrow: [u]desperate
  18. nix

    Compaq gaming PC for Rs. 26K!

    hi guys, i just saw this ad in paper and i was really surprised that a branded gaming PC is available for Rs.26K. of course it has its cons. But I thought they are giving a neat package. here are the specs AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ @ 2.0 GHz with hypertransport technoloty 256MB...
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