A good wireless combo.


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Hello guys, it's been a long time.
I'm planning on a good wireless kb n mouse for my rig.
I can spend 2K for this combo. Which one would be a good choice?
I'm having Microsoft wireless desktop 2000 in mind.

Any better options?


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I bought Logitech MK 270 @ 1500 just few hours ago. I checked Microsoft 800 but choose this one. One thing which is great is that both Keyboard and mouse has an ON/Off switch. Mouse make noise when clicks. Overall very good !!!


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I have been using Microsoft desktop 2000 for 4 months now.

Its.. good but-
- the middle mouse button is really hard to press
- scroll is smooth and super sensitive. Making middle clicking a royal pain.
- the wrist support on the keyboard is kinda short, so as far as I am concerned its useless.

Rest everything is nice, battery life is simply great (3.5 months for the mouse with 12 hour usage a day :D, keyboard batteries have yet to be changed) , its nice to type.

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