1. T

    Need a psu.

    I need a psu in the range of 2.5k as first i thought cx430v2 .. But. M not able to find it :/ ... I am buying loccaly from nehru place and i live in delhi. My current rig is : I3 2120 / i5 2310 ga-b75m-d3h Corsair 1333(VS) / corsair value select 4gb *1tb blue series lg 24x optical...
  2. S

    which Keyboard and Mouse to buy ?

    My mouse is sometimes making double clicks instead of single click now.. Time to replace it.. When I am home,I spend most of time with my Desktop PC. I will spend 1/2 hours for gaming , and most time I will be on net . I am a web designer. So , what do you think , what kind of a...
  3. kartikoli

    Basic use liano/trinity based motherboard/processor combo

    i have reached the waiting limit and now i cant wait any more so please advice motherboard, processor , ram[4GB] , SMPS in 10k range and if possible then an entry level secondhand GPU as well looking to buy a liano/trinity based motherboard/processor combo in 6~7k range This is a basic...
  4. d6bmg

    Anybody who can buy from chromaretail.. need a bit help here

    Anybody who can buy from * .. need a bit help here for the purpose of buying a mouse/keyboard combo. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000.:P
  5. R

    Need suggestions on system configuration

    Planning to buy a new mobo, RAM and processor. Mobo-ASUS M5A88-M Motherboard, RAM-Corsair Vengeance 4 GB RAM (CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9), Processor-AMD PHENOM II X4 970 3.5 BE. Will this combo will be able to run all current games and 1080p vids? Plz suggest. Budget around Rs. 15000/-.
  6. TheLetterD

    Best Budget Keyboard + Mouse (1K)

    Hello I need a keyboard and mouse combo. The mouse should be medium sized and ergonomic but I want the keyboard to be a little small so that It can be carried in the bag. I want it to be of good build quality! Max budget for the combo is 1K .Thank you! :) My dad already bought the RMC Intex...
  7. bajaj151

    Change Plan : MTNL Broadband

    I want to change plan from 999 combo to 999. I tried calling 1504 but no one replied... Is there any other procedure to change the plan ?? What are the extra charges for 999 combo.... ?
  8. K

    wireless combo ??

    I want to buy a wireless k/b mouse combo. that should have long battery life and good responsive. max budget 2.2k
  9. D

    Need help upgrading PC

    Hi Everyone! :-) I am planning to upgrade my PC incrementally. Can anyone help with a few questions? I will be upgrading CPU+Motherboard+PSU+Cabinet+RAM first and my budget is exactly 30K. What would be the best possible configuration for this budget? Which CPU-Mobo combo should I go...
  10. A

    led tv as monitor?

    Can I use this tv (24PS10) Toshiba as a full fledged gaming monitor? I use i5 2500K + hd 7850 combo.
  11. M

    AMD A8-3870K worth it?

    Planning to buy a new PC. It retails for about 6.5-7k in my area. The 6550D also seems to be pretty decent compared to some entry level graphic cards, atleast going by the 3DMark score: Best Graphics Cards June - 2012 Should I get this one or is there some CPU+GPU combo at this price point...
  12. vasulic

    is this combo compatible?

    hi, Pls Let me know whether all the three are compatible and good combo for mild gamers? Intel i3 540 + Intel DH67CL Motherboard + N V I D I A - Ge Force 1GB GT210 PCX-16X, D, DDR3 + 8 gb RAM if yes pls suggest me a very good cabinet and SMPS for this combo thanks
  13. D

    DELL KM632 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

    Hi there, I am planning to buy DELL KM632 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. The Dell is quoting its price as Rs 2500. This pair is generally bundled with their Alienware and other Dell Desktops. I am impressed with the keys style and the standard keyboard layout. The link for the product...
  14. T

    Keyboard mouse combo confusion help

    hi guy wanted a pair of keyboard and mouse i currently have a crappy INTEX keyboard and a logitech mouse i guess the Logitech neo mouse i play CS online and COD4 and even at full mouse sensitive i cant move fast can you guys suggest me a gaming combo. i would prefer the cheapest but quality one...
  15. K

    Will this combo work???(urgent)

    Please tell me if this combo works??? AMD 3.6 GHz AM3+ FX4100 Processor Biostar A880GZ Motherboard G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) PC RAM ASUS GT520 2GB Graphics work on 450Watt PSU??

    mouse + mouse pad combo <2k

    im looking a mouse and a mouse pad combo <2k. my current selection logitech g300 + ozone pad. Ozone Ground Level S Gaming Mouse Pad: Mousepad + Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse: Mouse how good is the g300 mouse? anyone using there a better combo? will be...
  17. R

    How's the combo??

    I am planning on buying i5 2500 (non K) + Biostar TZ68K+ (Z68 as i want my 1600MHz to run on its capacity). Please let me know your opinion on the combo. I am looking for some thermal paste too. Can anyone suggest some good ones with the links to buy??
  18. V

    Gigabyte G41M Combo - stuck at DMI Pool Data

    Hi, System: Intel C2D E6550 Gigabyte G41M Combo Kingston 2*1GB DDR2 800MHz Corsair VX450w I am having problem booting from a IDE HDD on above system. However that IDE HDD boots fine from other machine. From above system i was able to install XP via Sata DVD Writer. I have tried...
  19. P

    plz anyone tell me BB Home Combo ULD 900 is Unlimited plane?

    plz anyone have BB Home Combo ULD 900 what is download speed of this plan i am planing buy this plan plaz tell me
  20. Kev.Ved

    Updated BSNL Broadband Combo plans

    Combo BB Plans for both Home & Business Users with Unlimited Usage .:COMBO BB Unlimited:.
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