1. kg11sgbg

    CMOS Time setup issues even after battery replacement!!!

    Friends, I do have another Desktop-PC setup with :---> Problem is after I do a fresh boot(not Reboot) say 1 day or few hours after,the POST screen displays CMOS checksum Bad,Setup Date/Time Press F1 to enter BIOS, Or F2 to continue... I had already replaced the CMOS battery with a new Maxell...
  2. R

    Blue screen error after replacing CMOS battery

    I have two problems with my desktop. 1. CMOS battery down hence date and time reset every time after PC shutdown. 2. Display does not appear with beep sound. I have tried by cleaning RAM slot inserting again but doesn't worked. Then I replaced CMOS battery, second issue resolved but blue...
  3. quicky008

    CMOS Battery needs to be replaced frequently-please help

    I bought an asrock wolfdale ddr2 667 motherboard last year to replace a dead motherboard that was present in one of my older systems.Although this board is working pretty well and i've had no major issues with it so far,i've observed that its cmos battery needs to be replaced once every 2-3...
  4. U

    [Query] Gigabyte RMA Worries

    Hi Guys, I purchased the following components for upgrading my PC GB B85 D3H Mobo i5 4440 Corsair 4GB vengeance RAM I retained my SMPS(COrsair VX450W),GFX Card(GTX650),Sound card(Xonar DG) and cabby (Zebby peace) from my old build. Two days after assembling my new system my PC...
  5. sunil.001

    Best Zoom camera within 15K

    I want buy a zoom camera within 15K before monsoon. I've zeroed on the following models Nikon Coolpix L820 (for CMOS Sensor, 1cm Macro Mode n 30x Optical zoom but few reviews on net) Canon SX260 (excellent reviews, CMOS sensor) Sony H200 (Good specs on paper but few reviews on internet)...
  6. A

    camera within 12K ???

    i wanaa Camera within 12k . I m Considering Nikon 320 Right nowAny Suggestion pls... and cmos sensors are better or ccd????
  7. D

    Acer BIOS related

    Dear Digit, I have a problem with my Acer Travelmate 4750Z, I have forgotten BIOS password i tried to reset BIOS by removing & replacing CMOS Battery. By using command Prompt "debug" but it was not all right. Now OS is not loaded in my Acer Laptop as well as I cannot boot that laptop also...
  8. Rahul Kavlekar

    CMOS batteries repeatedly going bad

    My PC components are :- SEASONIC S12 520 PSU amd sempron 145 (2nd core unclocked and overclocked to 3.2ghz) (amd athlon x2 4450e) seagate 40 gb and western digital 320 gb harddisk msi 760 gm p33 motherboard Almost a year ago my CMOS battery stopped working.So after some months I replaced...
  9. I

    PC Power Up only after cmos is reset

    Hello friends, Im facing this problem for my pc from few days. It wont power up at all. I checked all the voltages and they are fine. Motherboard LED is also off. I removed all the cables and place them back after cleaning everything.Still no luck. I tried using paperclip instead of power...
  10. NoasArcAngel

    Camera Technical Jargon explained.

    I read Vickybat's truly awesome explanation of DSLR technology and i was impressed, but i wanted to generalize camera technology for all. Since most of optics part is covered in Vickybat's guide, ill start with "tech" only and in very layman terms. A . Sensor : In digital cameras nowadays...
  11. V

    Motherboard problem

    Any solution for wrong BIOS Update which was [downloaded from Gigabyte site] wherein the PC failed to boot now and doesn't show any display.Motherboard model. S series Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L Ver 1.12,Processor Intel Celeron (made 2009),System Windows XP,UMAX DDR II 1 GB RAM. I tried removing the...
  12. U

    cmos battery error and system crash

    hi people, am using i3 along with windows 7 ultimate...i recently received a cmos battery error i replaced it with a new battery.. it was wrkng fine for three weeks but from day before yesterday iam getting the error message again!! this a mother board problem? please help...
  13. H

    "CMOS values wrong....." Pls Help

    Hi frnds I ve a sys with following specs intel dual core E5200 Biostar G31 d m7 MB n 1gb ddr2 ram k then last day i added a 2gb Kingston ddr2 ram (same freq of existing one as told by the local retailer) and sparkle g force 210 1gb ddr3 graphics card to this.and upgraded to win7 64bit...
  14. Lord073

    CMOS Checksum Error - Deafaults Loaded...Help

    I am getting the CMOS Checksum Error since yesterday morning. It occurs everytime I switch on my PC. Also since the past couple of months my system date and time are displayed incorrectly everytime the PC is turned on after a long duration. Has the CMOS battery depleted? My PC is just 1 year...
  15. pkkumarcool

    CMOS battery failure

    Hey friend recently i am having another issue.My time in windows 7 keeps changing everytime i switch on my computer.When i start my computer error message shows "CMOS battery failure press enter to continue", pc starts and time changes to default! Do i have to change my cmos battery?
  16. slashragnarok

    "Press F1 to enter setup" message on startup

    My current config is the one in my signature. The problem is that if I start my PC after a long duration, say 2 days, a message shows "Press F1 to enter setup". After entering bios setup I find that all my OC settings have been reset. I don't think this is a CMOS battery problem as the system...
  17. I

    CMOS bad checksum problem in window startup

    when i swithon my PC. it shows black screen with following message: CMOS checksum bad CMOS Date/time is not set press F1 to run setup can anybody tell me what is the problem. thanks in advance.
  18. M

    Delay before post issue

    Hi guys, I recently just put together a new rig and i am have an annoying little issue that i would like some help on. when i go to turn my computer on there is a 10 second delay before it will get to the post screen. Everything turns on, fans are spinning and lights are on but after that it...
  19. A

    Asus maximus IV gene-z - CMOS problem

    I bought a brand new asus maximus IV gene-z last week.The problem is,each time I turn it off,I have to reset the cmos using a switch provided at the back of motherboard,otherwise it wont boot.It just turns on for 3 seconds and then turns off.If I reset the cmos,I just have to enter the bios,save...
  20. Z

    9500GT - No Display

    Recently i installed a 9500GT nvidia GFX card into my rig :- AMD 7750 BE @2.7ghz Jetway PA74M5 mobo 3 Gb ram 320 Gb hard disk 9500GT Before i could use my new 9500Gt for my Games , i disabled internal graphics option in bios. Then my pc would not display anything on the screen I then...
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