1. rohitshakti2

    General Query Buying home cleaning mops

    Hi friends I am looking forward to buy floor cleaning mop for my home. Kindly tell me which one are good to buy and its deal any if available now-a-days. Budget : Upto Rs.2000/- regards
  2. sygeek

    Suddenly got a black screen on the monitor. Now computer won't boot and GPU fans not spinning proper

    Few days back I suddenly got a weird image on my monitor with squiggly lines (Similar to this, not my image though). I restarted the computer and it booted albeit in a weird manner. Today I got suddenly got a black color screen (not blank but blackish screen). I restarted the system and now it...
  3. Anorion

    Indian Govt to start cleaning offices with fragrant Cow Urine

    New Delhi: Phenyl, usually the white variety, is the cheap cleaning liquid of choice for floors across India. Anyone venturing into the shopping aisles at the Kendriya Bhandar cooperative's stores in the Capital can testify to this. Kendriya Bhandar also supplies housekeeping products to central...
  4. S

    air blower for cabinet cleaning ??

    hey guys as title suggest i want to buy a blower / or vaccum cleaner whatever u say for cleaning my cabinet occasionally plz suggest me the cheap and best cleaner......Also i want to ask which cleaner works best in cabinet ---one which sucks the dust or one which spills out the air to...
  5. C

    Cleaning PC

    AsBj-xdHxVY Compressed air cans like this available in india ? Should i get this or a vacuum cleaner for cleaning PC ? My PC will get blue screen error if i won't clean it every 2 to 3 months. I read some vacuum cleaners are not safe for PC. I was using one before, but it died, need to...
  6. makwanamilan96

    Hard disk not detected by system

    i was cleaning my CPU after cleaning, when i start the system system does not start means operating system does not load display says "No boot device detected " it means hard disk is not detected by system i tried restart ,recheck all cable connection it is sata i tried...
  7. CommanderShawnzer

    cleaning and cooling pad suggestion for my laptop

    well you should know my laptop(config in siggy) its about 1.4 years old and has developed overheating probs i plan on cleaning it and using a cooling pad with it Q1 whats the cost an average computer repairer charges to clean a laptop(the insides like fans etc)? Q2 good cooling pads for my...
  8. quicky008

    Whats the proper method of cleaning LCD screens?

    There were a lot of fingerprints all over my LCD screen,so i tried cleaning them yesterday using a piece of lint free cloth(that was included with my monitor during purchase)that was slightly moistened with plain water-even though i nearly succeeded in removing all the fingerprints,the screen...
  9. A

    Need help with a partially dead fan on Toshiba L650

    I have a Toshiba L650 that is about 15-16 month old (The point being the expired warranty). It is running Ubuntu 12.04 x64. Basically I use to develop PHP and android application on it. It was all fine about 3-4 weeks ago when all of the sudden the cooling fan went off. I thought it might be...

    PCI-E 6 PIN Connector connected into EPS 8 PIN. Help needed.

    Friends. I dont have much knowledge about connections. Yesterday i thought of cleaning my pc. I opened the cabinet and all the connections for cleaning the dust out. (i think i exactly remember all the connections how they were. One 24 pin, one 6 pin into 8 pin plot, one 6 pin for graphics.) i...
  11. jonty

    cleaning touchscreen with colin

    guys i waana ask that can clean my samsung galaxy y screen with colin and microfiber cloth. i cleaned my wave 525 with colin but nothing happened. i asked local stores they told me to do so. one samsung customer care told me to do so and one didnot. plzz guys help me out and is there any...
  12. powerstarprince

    Dead Pixel Issue

    It's been around 4-5 months since i have bought my asus n55 sf... And now i found 3 dead pixels on my screen... I think so bcoz they look like black spots whenever i turn on my laptop and don't go off even after cleaning the screen. Any thing i can do ?? to prevent these dark spots on my...
  13. koolent

    Cleaning the Cabinet and Re-Assembly..

    Hi, Guys I am gonna demonstrate how to clean up you full cabinet to get any hiding dust out and then cleaning the TIM and definitely Re-Application. In a really short while. I have ordered my TIM just now, might take some time to reach (maybe 4-5 days), until then all we can do is wait.. :)
  14. Blue Ripazah

    Step by step guide for cleaning the whole desktop

    Guy can any one guide my fo desktop cleaning including the heatsink of cpu ...and plz tell me the prerequisties also ...any cleaning products need ti be purchased config is in my sig
  15. kg11sgbg

    Cleaning of PC by vacuum cleaner

    How about a mini usb powered vacuum cleaner, cleaning for PC/Laptops? Is it effective? Or do I need to use pressurized air cans,brushes,etc. for cleaning of my PC? Suggestions/advice awaiting,Friends.
  16. meetdilip

    Terminal Server Client

    hi, I got the following while cleaning using PC Doctor. What is it ? Never seen this before.
  17. coderunknown

    guidance needed in cleaning LCD screen

    my monitor's lcd screen is getting dirty with some small black spots or other watery marks. maybe cousin or someone else have touched screen with wet hands. i tried cleaning the screen with cloth & some of the marks got erased but not all. googled & found a ton of guide about cleaning LCD screen...
  18. V

    Suggest a Vaccum Cleaner for cleaning PC Components

    Hii all Please suggest me a type of Vaccum Cleaner for cleaning cabinet/motherboard etc. Also give specifications/Brands Thanks
  19. R

    CPU Overheated

    Ok my computer was running fine with no problems. I bought it 1 and 1/2 yrs ago. For the 1st time i thought about cleaning inside the casing and took everything apart, cleaned them and assembled it again. Now every time i run big games the game lags and computer restarts and i get a notice the...
  20. Faun

    Heat sink and processor die cleaning

    Nail polish remover or petrol ?
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