air blower for cabinet cleaning ??

hey guys as title suggest i want to buy a blower / or vaccum cleaner whatever u say for cleaning my cabinet occasionally plz suggest me the cheap and best cleaner......Also i want to ask which cleaner works best in cabinet ---one which sucks the dust or one which spills out the air to clean dust ???

also tell me some other things which r necessary for cabinet cleaning ??

my config :--- Amd fx 8320 , gigabyte 970 a mobo , amd r9 270x gpu , antec 550p psu .

cabinet ---deepcooler tesseract bf


Hello shammisachdeva

Leave this online thing for such requirement.Buy a air blower will hardly cost you around 400-500 in local market.Also take care while blowing air.Some tips i am mentioning

use a pencil to hold the fan of cpu heatsink so that it dosent rotates while blowing air

secondly do same for psu fan...


Cyborg Agent
If it spills out air is not there a chance that it will push the dust in. So is not it better if one goes for a vacuum type?
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