1. V

    how to do a clean install of a new operating system

    I am thinking of getting windows 7 next month, I want to know how do I install it on my vaio laptop which has got vista premium. also I want to upgrade my compaq laptop which has got windows xp to windows vista home by doing a clean install.please help
  2. arpanmukherjee1

    tough cleaning

    hello people, can anyone tell me how to clean the PCI Express slot of my MB ????
  3. rajwansh2003

    Orkut problem

    when ever i am posting any scrap error give: "The content you're posting looks like spam, so it's being sent to the recipient's spam folder. Surprised? Keep your computer clean by running an anti-virus program. You can get one with the Google Pack." i can't understand ? I Have fully...
  4. damngoodman999

    Best way to clean the motherboard !

  5. Psychosocial

    Ways to clean a scratched disk ?

    Can you guys suggest me some methods to clean scratched disc ? I have tried to clean 3 different discs with 3 different methods (the Dettol/Savlon method, the toothpaste method and the simple mineral water method) and the last one kinda works... the others just ****ed up my disc more :D. Any...
  6. A

    virus problem

    Dear all, I am facing the problem of iph.exe virus. i am unable to clean it with NOD32. Is there any way out? Please help. With regards, aditya2053
  7. Krazy Bluez

    Download Windows 7 RC NOW

    Finally, finally Microsoft has released the much awaited Windows 7 RC to public. No download limit, no speed limit, so download whenever and wherever you want. Just goto following link and start downloading Windows 7 RC: The download is available in ISO format, so you'll need to burn the...
  8. themadman

    Tell the story Game

    Its very simple. Read the post above you and continue the story. Rules Each person only post one small sentence. Please keep it clean. Here I go. Once upon a time there was a hot girl named sweetie.
  9. N

    how to keep the laptop clean..?

    i have this CS model of VAIO which is a bit shiny. When i use it, my fingerprints leave markings on the wrist resting areas and then dust gathers in those fingerprint areas.. color is black and dust is visible to naked eye.. it looks very untidy.. is there any way i can keeep it clean..? how...
  10. gaurav_indian

    Want to clean your monitor screen for free?

    Clean it here *
  11. RaghuKL

    Angry Scribe flings shoe at Chidambaram

    Angry Scribe has flung a shoe at Chidambaram over Jagadish Tytler being given clean chit. Source: *
  12. R

    Suggestion for removing PC Evidences

    Hello Everyone. I am looking for a software that will clean my PC. Evidences and improve its performance?
  13. Cool G5

    PC Maintenance Guide

    The human body needs vitamins & proteins to repair itself. Your bike needs servicing in the form of oil change, greasing etc. So do computers need to be serviced from time to time so as to keep them running at a top level of efficiency. The process of keeping a PC in proper condition can be...
  14. I

    Which is the best registry cleaner?

    I wanna cleanup all the registry files which remain after uninstalling IDM (Internet Download manager) Its a trial version and its life is over. So i need to reinstall it. Which software will clean all it registry and get me its trial period back. LOL I thought my computer will get sick...
  15. Pearl Groupz

    Wordpress Theme : Darkness Falls 1.0

    Yet Another Big Release By Rajesh Patel ! This Is Simply Clean and easy customizable WordPress Theme Demo: * Download: *
  16. satyamy

    Any Good game with story/Mission like GTA VC ?

    I played GTA and liked it very much can u friends know any other game like GTA Vice City which has a story, missions, action, adventure and a clean game I tried GTA SA but it is not a clean game also other like Counter Strike, NFS, Delta Force but all are too booring with same pattern :( (or...
  17. ajayritik

    How to clean my PC?

    I know this may sound as a weird question but I just wanted to check with you all about how to clean my PC. The keyboard, Cabinet, Monitor, Mouse and other things. I have never cleaned the Cabinet except for wiping it using a cloth . I read somewhere that we can use a blower to clean the...
  18. T

    cleaning pc

    is any thing wrong cleaning the pc with a vaccuam cleaner. will cleaning with the vaccuam damage pc component (not physically. some electro statical way. u got it. so is it safe? if not suggest some easy ways to clean pc
  19. M

    FS::BIG 6600 Gt PCI-E

    Well selling my 3 years old trusty 6600gt pci-e ...128mb Its under warranty untill 9th august(waranty over)..15 days personal warrantyfrom date of receiving it have the original box,driver cds and bill with me...i guess all other box accessories also are within it... Only stuff is that...
  20. E

    Self clean guide for Nokia 6600

    Hi, I see dust particles under the screen and speaker in my Nokia 6600. Is there any guide on how open this cellphone and clean it up. I know any mobile vendor would do it but just want to do it on my own :)
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