1. lahratla

    Problem with Firefox 1.0.6

    I'm using Firefox 1.0.6 for browsing the internet in my WinXP+SP2 PC. When using Save As (Text only), it copies all the html codes and not just the text contents of the webpage. Beside, after saving several pitures, the Download Window always appeared and I've to clean it up at regular...
  2. M

    No UnInstall after bad Install .....

    I installed the demo of Star Wars E1:TPM, but it does not install completely. I cannot even uninstall. Which is the best CleanUp utility I can use to clean this and other messes up. megacoolxs signing off .....
  3. N

    printer problem

    i have HP laserjet 1005 printer the ink has spattered into the printer through toner. i want to clean it. plz tell me how to clean it. the print is not coming clear.
  4. A

    best registry cleaner

    Hey ...can nebody tell which is the best freeware software to clean and optimize registry??
  5. C

    Cleaning Grained Camera Phone IMages

    You all know that camera phone images are really bad. Well, so are mine, despite a 1.3 megapix 6630 :evil: :evil: :evil: i read somewhere that it's possible to clean this up using photoshop, but i don't know how. Can someone help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. bharat_r

    How do I clean a CD

    I've got CDs which are dirty.It looks like there's a layer of muddy dust to it. But they are not scratched. What should I do u clean them & make the surface shine again. I searched google & it shows links to CD cleaning solutions. I've visited many shops,they have only Cds to clean the...
  7. V

    Clean my Desktop

    Hi Guys... I need help to clean my desktop. I've Uninstalled all unnecessary softwares from my box but still comp takes time to boot. Because several programmes runniong in the background. I'll be thankful if anyone explain me which programmes are these like SVCHOST.exe and...
  8. D


    my system is infected by w32.passma virus. it has infected all files with extension .exe. how do i clean this virus and stop its infection.
  9. Charley

    Software that remoives privacy, cookies, history, etc...

    I'd like to know any softwares that cn be used to delete histroy, cookies, privacy, office, windows, explorer, media, pop up, etc..... I have All in 1 secretmaker installed, but it doesnt seem to clean any withe the latest version i got yesterday... I'd used history kill but thats only...
  10. KHUBBU

    What is the BEST WAY to Keep ur system clean internally.

    what is the best way to keep ur system clean from the inside and how often do u do that. plz give ur opinion. yesterday when i opened my system's cabinet . there was a lot of dust setting near the ram slot. so i took my vacuum cleaner and used the blower to clean it. success. it easily got...
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