1. Sarath

    Are passive 3D glasses universal?

    I was curious during my last movie visit as to whether the glasses that come with TV sets (obviously passive ones) would work in the movie theatre too? I am aloof with the latest developments in 3D technology. Hence looking for someone actively following it for comments. I actually want...
  2. CommanderShawnzer

    how to clean fans of my notebook??

    Im encountering overheating probs in my Acer 5742G laptop so i've decided to clean the fans.are there any online tutorials to guide me in this?? this will be the 1st time i'm opening my laptop so i'm a bit sceptical here's the confiq intel core i3-380M nvidia GT540M 3gb RAM 500bgb HDD...
  3. B

    Pc shutdown issue :(

    hey guys plzz help me out.....whenever i shutdown my pc instead of shutdown it restarts again...why's this happening...? i performed diskchecks..even formated my C drive..and did clean install of OS again..but still the the problem perisist's..i have to shutdown my pc directly from the...
  4. pratik385

    How to install Clean windows 7 on Dell xps

    Hi everyone, i got my laptop yesterday. I want few answers first: 1.Tell for how many hrs should i charge it as i have heard that we have to charge it for 6-8hrs. It came fully charged from the box. And ive used it little much last night but i started laptop with ac power on in the eve...
  5. hskpunjabi

    Urgent help needed regarding clean movie sites

    hii friends, one of my cousins wants to know about sites from where she can download movies,songs etc..she is in school,,please suggest some good sites ,,as...mostly sites wid movies hv adult contents which is not required and would cause problems..,,this is the problem we all are facing as our...
  6. U

    LCD MONITOR cleaning

    my first qn in TDF To all the forum members who are having LCD monitors how do u keep it clean from spots and scratches?
  7. V

    Hard Disk Partition Problem

    I have 4 partitions on my hard disk (all are NTFS).There is a local disk (F) and it always shows 64.5 MB free out of 103 MB.No matter what i do,this doesn't clean up.I want to delete this partition and merge it with other partition.What should i do?
  8. V

    Hard Disk Partition Problem

    I have 4 partitions on my hard disk (all are NTFS).There is a local disk (F) and it always shows 64.5 MB free out of 103 MB.No matter what i do,this doesn't clean up.I want to delete this partition and merge it with other partition.What should i do?
  9. P

    clean install to get rid of bloatwares

    I have recently purchase Sony Vaio CB15, i want to get rid of bloatwares preinstalled . Is it advisable to do the clean install ?& if yes; what precautions to be take before doing it? Thanks in advance.
  10. sygeek

    21 New Rules for Technology: Maximum PC's Manifesto

    Maximum PC's Manifesto: 21 New Rules For Technology I agree with most of them.
  11. Empirial

    Sennheiser CX55 vs Klipsch S3 vs Denon AH-C260

    Hi, My top priority is clean audio output & tight bass. Thankyou.
  12. J

    Virus problem

    I suspect my laptop is infected by virus and the anti-virus has also been made corrupt by it, my question is - now how can I clean my laptop (don't want to format and reinstall OS) and reinstall the antivirus. OS - WINDOWS HOME SP3
  13. A

    windows 7 installation problem

    guys i m amit fm chennai....i ve a HP a1610in original config/ excpt i ve upgrd to 2 gb ram i m plng t o upgrade to windows 7...i m confused ...shld i opt for upgrade or custom install option.....if i do clean install will it affect the pre instaled...
  14. digibrush

    Heatsink broken!!!

    Hi Friends, Recenly I replace my old pc's mobo(intel d101ggc dead:-() with Asus P5KPL-AM/PS. After instaling everything I noticed cpu( p4 2.66 G) temp was very high. 50-55 c in idle. So I clean the heatsink again, also clean cpu's metal surface and apply TP, try to insert HS and...
  15. G

    DVD writer doesn't detect some CD's

    Hi friends, I am using LG dvd writter since 2 years. Since 1 month, it doesnt detect original CD's like antivirus CD's, CD's from magzines, motherboard CD etc., but it detects the CD's written on it or other writer:-x Dont know what is the problem. I tried to clean it...
  16. Y

    Did a clean on hdd and need help!!!!!!!!

    i accidentally did a clean on to my external hard drive using command prompt.i havnt partitioned my disk after the do i build my harddisk back..i tried a lot of partition recovery programs but nothing is rebuilding my disk.when i used data recovery softwares iam able to see all the...
  17. ritesh.techie

    Clean your junk files in one click with Quick Clean

    While using computer from day to day you unknowingly add a lot of junk files in your system. Some of them are a result of surfing the Web, and others will be left by programs you use. For e.g. while surfing the Web you store a lot of cache files in your system, also when you install programs in...
  18. maverick786us

    Does my display have Dead Pixels??

    Recently I've noticed that there is dark spot on the centre of my display:(, which is not getting removed, no matter how much I clean it, is it a dead pixel?? if yes, will dell repair it? My display is still under warranty
  19. R

    Win 32 trojan

    I recently had given my pendrive to one of my friends.The problem is that i got back my pendrive with some Malware.VBS which is becoming quite pesky and irritating.The following are few of the Problems i am facing 1)I am not able to run Regedit,MSconifig etc.A window appears for a split second...
  20. RCuber

    Clean Install Windows 7 Using Upgrade Disk

    Source Link: WinSuperSite Here's how to clean install Windows 7 using Upgrade media and a new or reformatted PC with no installed OS. Note: You must have a qualifying licence of a previous OS for this to be considered legal. These are installation techniques, not avoidances of your legal...
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