1. Zangetsu

    Hungarian woman, her husband and children clean Vasai beach

    Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan A Hungarian woman residing in Vasai has taken up the challenge to try to undo the damage being done to Mumbai's coastline and its nearby areas. "My country doesn't have beaches but it has many rivers and lakes which are generally clean. I consider India as my own...
  2. S

    Suggest a Cabinet

    hi, am looking for a atx case with 90degree graphics card mount. Have a cooler master hafxb evo but dont want to cut out the side panels. something on the lines of deepcool genome without the watercooling. will be willing to go in for a clean look like the antec p280, if available.. but not...
  3. K

    Clean up tool

    Hi Guys, I have Windows7 Ultimate. Can I uninstall INTERNET EXPLORER only without any problem? Is there any free clean up tool to remove ADWARE,MALWARE,SPYWARE and the like in INTERNET EXPLORER? How to make the EXTENTIONS OF INTERNET EXPLORER as default settings? Your step by step procedures?
  4. A

    Suggest me a Thermal Paste

    Hi guys, my HP Pavilion is running really hot now 60 on idle and 90-100 on heavy loads in the time of winter.If i won't do something my chip will fry up.I need to clean it and apply thermal paste.What should i buy.Please suggest a good thermal paste out there.I don't wanna compromise on that.In...
  5. adityak469

    How to Clean My Keyboard?

    The title says it all. I have a CM Devastator combo and its getting white day by day due to some kind of dust. I need to clean all my keys thoroughly. ( just the keytops will work if its too risky)
  6. A

    Best and cheapest way to clean dust from my PC?

    I'm not sure if small mini hand pumps will blow enough air to remove the dust properly.. AND All the compressed cans of air I found online are atleast ₹400 for a single bottle, that's like super expensive. Any cheaper yet effective method to clean tons of dust from my PC?
  7. D

    Galaxy s4 horribly lagging

    Its almost a year and i have never dropped the phone but for the past 2-3 months its lag is increasing especially using Chrome, Facebook. My phone is rooted with kitkat and the usual junk is been cleared using clean master. Free space is 1gb. The game and all runs fine. I think this the case...
  8. stellar

    Microsoft Bootstrapper problem

    when i was installing Microsoft Office 2013 something went wrong and my pc hanged.After that the installation didn't worked well and stops, and Microsoft setup bootstrapper problem pops up. I havew tried in clean boot also to install but still same problem. Looked in net also for the solution...
  9. O

    Dots in Netbook screen ever since it fell off

    Dear All, My Samsung Netbook has developed the below glitch in the screen ever since it fell off:- Is that some problem with the display device gone loose or something? I took a snapshot via PrtScn of the Netbook and viewed it in my desktop, it was clean without the spots as seen in...
  10. sygeek

    How do you guys clean your system?

    Most of the recommendations online is to use an compressed air can but there are none available in India.
  11. N

    How to clean point and shoot camera?

    I have a 1.5 year old canon ixus 115hs. Recently i used it much roughly, for macro shots, and now it has got some fingerprint, and some minute dust on it. I fear even touching the lens, so never tried to clean it. I asked the canon service guys, they tell me it will take 15 days, but i need it...
  12. R

    How do I clean my pc

    Dissambeled my pc just now and its looks very dusty.The gpu, fans mobo,cpu cooler heatsink has so much dust sitting on them.I also want to re-apply thermal paste on the cpu.How do I clean the already applied thermal paste? Don't have isopropyl alcohol. In short, I want to get rid of the dust...
  13. Revolution

    Very Easy To Clean Budget PC Case & Good For Air Cooling Too

    Hi, I'm wanted to upgrade my old Zebronics Bijli case. Thought this case is OK for me except its suck too much dust from air. And I have to spend a lot of time to clean my PC once in a month. Always need to clean each and every part separately every time. Its not easy work though. After lot of...
  14. ajayritik

    How to clean an LCD Monitor

    It's been long time since I cleaned my Dell Monitor. Does anyone know of a good method to clean the LCD Monitor. Do we get any specific liquid or solution to clean it. Guys?
  15. anarchy0x

    Cleaning PC

    So I f*cked up big time, bought an i5 about 3-4 months back but I just left the cabinet open and now there's dust accumulated everywhere. I have a blower, would that be the best way to clean my computer?
  16. CommanderShawnzer

    help regarding reapplying Thermal paste on processor

    my Laptop has been overheating A LOT(config in sigg) so i have decided to open it up and clean the insides and re-apply thermal paste(fan works properly) i found this "service manual" which shows how to open the laptop in question so how should i go about it?there are unecessary things which...
  17. ithehappy

    How to repair and restore registry files if missing?

    I think while trying to clean up space for the C drive I have messed up with some registry files for sure, some might have been deleted. Today I was playing Fifa and some other basic games and PC froze twice and rebooted once. It's freezing for other simple tasks too. So I think it's better to...
  18. cray.x

    [Guide] Clean micromax Q5 trackball

    so guys i have made a guide to clean the biggest problem on earth for micromax Q5 users. here it is the guide to clean micromax Q5 trackball just follow this link Cray SX-6: Clean Micromax Q5 trackball. [solved]
  19. theserpent

    You and your Goverment

    You and Your goverment a2graphz :)
  20. kg11sgbg

    Problem in CPU Fan

    @ Forum Friends, I am using my Desktop PC which is quite old,but it's functioning very well. My CPU is an ancient Dual Core AMD Athlon64X2 4200+(Socket AM2;90nm soi;Windsor Core) Problem is with the CPU Fan. I had changed the default factory CPU cooler fan and attached a new CPU Cooler...
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