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  1. ajayritik

    Need 16GB SD Card

    I need a 16 GB SD card which I plan to use to connect to my Car Stereo. Also needed is the Card Reader along with it. Since I'm not sure of which class I need to buy hence checking with you all.
  2. srkmish

    Unable to skip disk checking on Windows Xp

    Sometimes when my computer shuts down abnormally, on next boot the disk checking screen shows up and no matter how hard i bang the keyboard to press skip, the system just doesnt respond and takes 10 mins to check the disk. :-x. There is nothing wrong with keyboard as everything works fine...
  3. A

    C program to perform logic operations

    I am not well aware whether operations like or, and, nand, nor, xor and xnor can be performed using any command or operator in C? Please help me guys. Performing the checking conditions for each operation is a hectic and lengthy one and I need to use the operations in another program.
  4. happy17292

    need a tool that can reconnect automatically

    is there any tool/software which could automatically reconnect to internet in case the connection is lost? so i could just turn off the monitor and leave my PC to download stuff for hours without checking network status every half an hour. i am using BSNL UE100 prithvi data card. and it...
  5. T

    Does anyone know what a wonder door fridge is?

    I heard it somewhere and since I'm checking out for a new fridge right now I'd like some information.
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    MS Hotmail/LIVE/xbox.com down?

    i'm unable to acces niether hotmail/live nor xbox.com it keeps redirecting me to the microsoft US site.is hotmail hacked?? people try checking hotmail/live.in do you also get this prob?
  7. Sarath

    [Solved] PC doesn't boot. P8P67 Mobo shows error LEDs lit. What to do? :(

    On switching on my PC, I found that it is not going beyond the "checking for disks..." screen (can't remember properly, but I know it's followed by a message saying "Maxwell controller etc etc which didn't appear this time) The screen froze or never moved beyond this point. On checking my PC...
  8. pritamk

    blue screen

    hey guys i have a desktop with internal drive of 1Tb (Seagate) yesterday the hard drive started making unusual noise and when i tried to shut down computer blue screen of death appeared can anyone please tell me how can i know if my hard drive is failing or not? is there any diagnostic tool...
  9. Gauravs90

    meelectronics sx31p-bk

    I've brought meelectronics sx31p-bk with inline mic from lynx only to know that it's not compatible with my nokia c5. It has 6 months warranty. Bought on 31st aug 2011. So its brand new. For checking compatibility go to this website https://www.meelec.com/Articles.asp?ID=155...
  10. S

    Hard Disk Drive

    Hi Friends I have a laptop of Compaq 1GB Ram, 160 HDD, with Windows XP professional. suddenly my laptop unable to read HDD when i am trying to reinstall XP. But when I check it from bios it pass HDD self checking and also work with Ubantu Linux. but with xp my laptop did not read hdd. please...
  11. A

    Laptop problem

    i have a acer 5745..when ever i boot it tells that checking file system on c:.while checking it hangs and doesnt go to windows.n sometimes shows that segment 265865 is unreadable.if i skip it then it goes in windows 7.i tired to format it win 7 disk many times.but after formating the laptop...
  12. V

    wifi management S/W

    can u suggest for software(s) that is capable of following things : limiting bandwidth on wifi /particular ip accessing systems connected to wifi and checking what they r upto sharing printer via wifi(a system is connected to Ethernet port having printer and notebook on wifi , i want to...
  13. N

    What to look for when checking out 2nd hand mobiles

    Guys! I need to know what are the aspects to be checked and warning sign when checking out used mobiles. May have to buy one so need to know. Thanks in Advance
  14. din

    Vodafone 'UNLIMITED GPRS' for a month - Rs.95 but cap of 50 MB !!!

    I was checking Vodafone site for more details. For prepaid customers. Recharge with Rs 95 & get unlimited free browsing on your mobile phone for 30 days. sms BONUS 95 to 144 to activate the pack. Note: Maximum usage of 50MB applicable. Vodafone website Link /Din checking...
  15. dreams

    Evolution install issue

    Hi techies, I have Redhat enterprise linux 5 installed in my computer. I need to install Evolution in it since I am using it as a server. I downloaded the bz2 file, extracted it. But when I try to configure I get a error as follows. [root@localhost evolution-]# ./configure...
  16. M

    FS: TAG 3MP webcam and Headphones

    hi folks, m selling brand new 3 megapixel web cam and headphones. won it in a quiz contest... no use so selling it..opened once for checking selling both for Rs 800. only for mumbai n delhi ppl.
  17. nitish_mythology

    For the First Time -- Compiling from Source

    I have always been using repos n its my first time I am trying to compile from source....So need help! I am tryng to compile the pidgin plugin pack. Know the basic steps Here is the output from the terminal... after running the conf script
  18. crazydevil

    drive corrupted

    recently my pc became very slow and after every restart it asks for checking all my drives(all are NTFS only)... after some time checking the drives,the system is running continuously at the same command " inserting an index entry into index $0 of file 25"...it seems like it struck at same...
  19. s_arka_r

    Problem in checking usage in BSNL broadband....

    :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: Hey friends, I had a problem in checking the usage data of BSNL. When i type http://bbservice.bsnl.in/ in my browser window, it takes a lot of time in IE n then IE pops up site not found, while firwfox keeps on diplaying "waiting for...
  20. dhan_shh

    Why Blackberry?

    Blackberry from RIM is an advanced wireless solution,probably ideal for checking Mails. In India Airtel & Vodafone provide Blackberry Service in two ways: 1.Blackberry Enterprise Solution (BES) mainly for Corporates & 2.Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) for Individuals. In BIS,the...
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