1. heartripple

    PC keeps rebooting

    For last three months I am facing the problem of rebooting. When I try to turn on the pc 7 times out of 10 it just don't pass the POST and reboots itself within 2-3 seconds. And when it boots up properly i can use it for 15-20 minutes in most cases and after that all of a sudden it gets...
  2. A

    HP pavilion g6 2010ax laptop led screen broken

    Hello My laptop's HP pavilion g6 2010ax laptop led screen broke.I checked with HP and i am shocked after hear the price quotation for newone.Its 14,000 they sent me in email. Also, i checked with local vender.he is giving me in 3000.Are these good?I searched on internet and found led of ~3500...
  3. T

    Best 5inch android device under 15k.Read below.

    I want 5inch android device with great battery,sound quality,camera quality and device which doesn't heats up.Ram 2gb(1.5gb for Samsung) . Please suggest a device which will get Android M update ie Android 6.0/ Marshmallow Checked following devices review at Flipkart/Amzon 1) Redmi 2 Prime...
  4. P

    Need Help/Guidance here Friends

    Hello Everyone, I am BIG FAN of DIGIT and I new to this. I have some doubts, please help me. I had purchased a Sony laptop. But i had some problem in motherbord while i checked with multimeter, it was bios chip doesn't get power, so that affect the motherboard too, not functioning...
  5. TechnoBOY

    Mobile data not working on my mobile

    when ever i turn on the mobile date noting happends,the apn is checked
  6. H

    Desktop showing no display

    Hey Guys, I have recently shifted to a new city and had sent my desktop via Movers and Packers. Now i tried to connect my desktop to TV (which previously was working great), there is no display output. I ave checked both the HDMI cable and HDMI port of TV. THey are are working fine. Also i...
  7. M

    Some Malware Eating My bandwidth/Data Plan Voraciously..

    I have Vodafone 3G Dongle.I recently notices that a 3G pack 0f 99 rs. having 300 MB data is not lasting more than 3 days. when i checked control panel of vodafone application software bundled with dongle, it showed that data is getting emptied at the rate of 1 MB per half minute , even when...
  8. D

    Gaming Laptop Under 60k

    I know Lenovo Y510P is the best option, i had my eyes on the i5 version but sadly the laptop became out of stock yesterday on and today when i checked they removed the laptop from the listing...:-(. And mostly the laptop will be discontinued because of the upcoming Y50...
  9. Zangetsu

    Strange Issue with PDF

    Hi All, Today morning I edited my PDF using Wondershare PDF Editor and checked the result in Foxit Reader. I just changed the date from 15 March to 18 March then I checked the changed pdf file in my frnds PC (which has full of virus & no AV) first of all the worms deleted all the files...
  10. Alok

    PC not booting ...behaving strange.

    Hi friends. .. Its been two days my pc gone mad. I properly played that night..but when tried to start yesterday morning did not beep (bios post), no monitor display, all fans working as should. Didn't boot. I checked ram, cleaned, swapped slots, tried single channel in both slots, even...
  11. amjath

    Dual core CPU - Temp ~85 - Restarting

    My friends Dual Core PC running Win XP restarting before "Welcome" screen shows I did few things but no success 1. Last good configuration - fail 2. Boot in safe mode - fail 3. Boot into Bios and checked CPU temp shows ~85 4. Removed cooler cleaned and re applied CPU heat sink. Boot...
  12. sujeet2555

    PC freezes up often

    My Config; Processor: AMD Phenom X4 9650 Memory: 4096 MB DDR2 Graphics :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Motherboard : ASUS M3A78-EM Rev. X.0x Disc :Seagate ST3500418AS 500 GB SATA II Windows : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit i have checked for virus with differnet scanners ,checkdisk etc .but the problem is...
  13. iittopper

    No sound from speaker or headphone

    I was having random bsod . So formatted my hard drive , installed window 8 64 bit , then installed realtek audio driver that i got with my gigabyte mobo cd. Bt sound is not coming either from speakers and headphones . I already have checked it twice , and they both work with my cell phone ...
  14. N

    Mic for podcast/video demos

    I want to buy a new Microphone (preferably noise cancelling) to record podcast and video demos. quality is important. max budget is 3000 I checked FK and ebay but there are plenty. So I can't decide. Please help Anand
  15. bajaj151

    Should I RMA ?

    My 2Tb Goflex is 3 months old. Today I checked it using Crystaldiskinfo and got this result:
  16. S

    GA-970A-DS3 vs MSI 970A-G46

    I bought the GA 970A-DS3 from flipkart. I received the rev1.1, latest is 3.0. Mine has old BIOS and not UEFI(present in latest revision) The board does not work at all. No display comes out of it. Checked my other parts by plugging it to MSI board(borrowed it from friend) and every thing was...
  17. V

    Macbook Pro display not working....External display works fine!

    Hi, This is my first post in digit forum. Hope somebody will be able to help me. Here's my problem... I've bought MacBookpro 13" unibody mid 2010 model(A1278) in sept 2010. It worked fine for 2 years but now its display doesn't work at all. The display first started blinking on/off for 2-3...
  18. cray.x

    BIOS reinstalled after that problems.

    hey hi friends, my friend encountered a very strange problem, one day he was doing some work on his PC, suddenly it turned off, later when he tried to turn it on, it didn't showed any thing on the screen not even the BIOS, we thought it must be some kind of dust problem/ a faulty SMPS. so we...
  19. C

    Sub-woofer for MX5021

    I have my cousin's MX5021. The woofer is dead but the satellites work. As in, the woofer supplies power to the satellites and the controller but there is no sound. Got it checked with local electrician who repaired my other altec lansing speakers but he said he couldn't make it work. I have...
  20. P

    cant sli anymore!!!

    i have two zotac nvidia gtx 560 ti running in sli. it was running well and good. i hadnt checked the control panel for quite some time as i had no reason to. up until when i started playing max payne 3. in the settings i tried setting everything to ultra and it said that i only had 1024 mb of...
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