1. A

    Gaming Console

    Hi guys I am looking to buy a gaming console but I have someQuestions here plz help me find out the Answers for the same 1) 1) XBOX or Playstaion3 or should I wait forPlaystation4? 2) 2) If Playstation4 then can it play Playstation3games? (Because I read somewhere Playstation4 cant able...
  2. ramakanta

    Writing a DVD/CD with Password Protected

    Is there any procedure to protected a CD/DVD when writing something inside it. i.e. whenever want to open CD/DVD , it need a password to open this CD/DVD that you have given when written on it . please help me . thank you. :oops:
  3. kool

    ►► How to make recovery CD/DVD for SONY VAIO laptop? Win7 is pre-installed.

    Hi guys, One of my friend bought Sony VAIO VPCEH35EN, in this lappy won7 HOME BASIC is preinstall. And there are some buttons for recovery if anything goes wrong. But how can i make win7 CD/DVD from this installed OS ? Company didnt gave any driver/os cd to me. So in future if i feel to...
  4. G

    System fails to boot from CD/DVD without any warning

    My friend has this peculiar problem, it wont boot from any bootable CD or DVD. I tried changing the preference of boot to DVD drive in BIOS but the problem still persists. After the system is switched on, it attempts to boot from the CD/DVD by showing a black screen (Not BSOD) but after an...
  5. ithehappy

    How to make a file write protected?

    I wanna give away an app to a person which i would like to be write protected. I mean, i won't allow the person to have the option to share it with other persons. How can i do that? Is it only possible with CD/DVD? or as well with Pen drive or other storage devices? Please inform me, i really...
  6. P

    CD/DVD content of year 2000

    Hello friends... Since I did not find any other proper place to post this POST, so am potin it here,, sorry , if I am posting it in a wrong place. I would be grateful, if anyone could give me an archive of yr 2000 and yr 2001. Please write them down, or just post a screenshot/camera photo...
  7. soumo27

    Win 7 Installation Problem.. A device Driver is missing

    I get this error in the second screen of the installation wizard, after entering language details:- Missing Cd/DVD device driver ("A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing) I am not sure what's the problem! And Google doesn't give me a proper solution. Please help! :-(
  8. T

    Graphic card help!!

    I have the following configuration: intel dg41wv, intel core2duo 2.93 Ghz processor, 500Gb hard disk, 4gb DDR3 1333Mhz ram, cd/dvd drive,..... can you guys suggest me a good and cheap graphic card(512mb or 1gb) budget is < me guyz!!!!!
  9. mohityadavx

    Mega Game, Movie , encyclopedia Sale

    Hi! I am selling of a small part of my cd/dvd collection of movies ,games, encyclopedia as i no longer have the space to keep them. All prices below exclude shipping charges and are final and no bargain will be entertained except for bulk orders. All cd/dvd are in good condition. I will post...
  10. S

    Netbook Query

    I am planning to buy a netbook(think to buy aser aspire one happy) but i feel a problem that i can't see any optical drive(like cd/dvd drive)in the netbook.plz suggest me to fix this problem.
  11. S

    XP setup freezes

    Hi everybody!!! The PC configuration is :- Intel E5200 Mercury PI 945GCM 2GB DDR II 250 GB SATA HDD (Seagate) After formatting and file copy is done and the system restarts. BIOS post msg displays. Then the press any key to boot from cd/dvd appears and the setup hangs. Have tried...
  12. L

    System hangs when coping contents from cd/dvd

    When i copy some contents from any cd/dvd the system gets slow.I'm not able to any other operation.Pls help me in finding the problem System config: amd phenom X2 gigabyte MA78GMT-UD2H 2gb -DDR3 sony dvd writer(IDE) 500gb hdd
  13. NewsBytes

    Transcend launches portable CD/DVD writer in India

      With netbooks and ultra-lightweight notebooks like the Sony Vaio X becoming increasingly popular, the need for an external CD/DVD writer is more than ever. Transcend, a global leader in storage and multimedia products, today introduced its first portable CD/DVD writer, offering customers a...
  14. U

    Comp behaving strange

    Hi guys, I have a pentium D 3.4 ghz proccy with 512 mb ddr2 400 mhz ram on an asus mobo and a dvd writer. Oflate i have been experiencing two problems with it. 1)Whenever i try to write a cd or dvd using nero, the cd/dvd becomes useless. Although nero shows that it has been written...
  15. src2206

    LiveCD/DVD Suggestion containing Educational Tools/ Games

    Hello I am looking for a Linux Distribution which I can use in a Live CD/DVD mode and dedicated to Educational Resources and Games (like Puzzles) for children. I would like to use it as a teaching aid for a child, who is about 5 years old. I have heard about Edubuntu, but the trouble is I can...
  16. F

    Optical Drive acting weirdly

    Hi I have an HCL laptop with the following config Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 @ 1.66 GHz 2 GB DDR2 RAM 160 GB HDD Optiarc DVD RW AD-7530B Running Windows XP Pro SP3. I am using this for 4 months now and it was giving me no problems. However, these days my CD/DVD drive has been acting weirdly...
  17. kool

    how to write XP+SP3+DRIVER to single CD/DVD ??

    Hi friends, I've assembled PC, Its irritate me when i install XP then SP3 and then DRIVERS for all hardware!! So plzzz help me out... I've win_XP SP2 CD and separate SP3 and backup of all DRIVER via Driver Genius Pro v7. Now i want to make a single CD/DVD so it install itself all DRIVER of my...
  18. achutes

    Dvd/cd not playing during normal mode.

    I have Windows Vista and two cd/dvd rom drives when i try to play them for eg digit cd/dvd . the digit.exe doesn't run automaticaly .and when i try to run it manually i get it is not a valid win 32 application when i try to copy then it shows invalid file handle , and on top of that any folder...
  19. T

    CD Drive not accepting any CD/DVD

    I Have Lenovo Y510, bought last june/july. Some days back I tried playing an Audio CD on it. It played properly and then after a while it started skipping some tracks. For some two weeks, I never used any CD/DVD but after that I tried to use one CD. When I inserted the CD, the drive ejected it...
  20. Nithu

    Digit Archive??? In which CD/DVD??

    Please anybody know about the last Digit Archive ? Where can i get this ? I mean in which months Digit CD/DVD?
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