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  1. N

    burning xvid/divx files

    now that i have a dvdrw. i want to know whats the best way to burn xvid/divx files to a cd/dvd so that they can be played back on a xvid compatible stand alone dvd player. shud i burn the files directly to the cd/dvd in the data cd mode or shud i first convert the files to vcd format and then...
  2. praka123

    Bonefire CD/DVD burning software for GNOME

    http://perso.orange.fr/bonfire/screenshot.htm Used it!really cool interface better than gnome baker or nerolinux 2.1.x etc but k3b is there but for KDE only!
  3. samrulez

    Install O.S without Formatting ur Drive

    I don't know if this tutorial will help anyone but it helped me.... In this tutorial I will show u a way to install ur OS without formatting ur drive....coz formatting a drive reduces its life.. First chose a live linux CD/DvD...I recommend Puppy linux coz its easy to use... Then burn...
  4. G

    hi i had problem again my cd/dvd icon is missing

    my cd/dvd icon is missing from explorer window in my computer but it is working i check it buy using run in windows and also when i inserted a dvd on my drive and tired to play with power dvd it worked but it is cd/dvd icon is missing from my computer how can i fix it please help.....anyone
  5. S

    Digit May 2006

    Is Autopatcher April 2006 Included in the cd/dvd of May Issuse of digit? Pls telll..
  6. nishant_nms

    Digit PDF

    I want to keep all the digit magzines including there Fast Track PDFs on my PC. Can any body plz tell me where can I get them I mean on which month's CD/DVD.
  7. shyamno


    Is there any software through which some CD/DVD can be burned and when played it asks the password ?
  8. tango_cash

    how to enable autorun feature in win xp

    hi i want to know how to enable the autorun feature for my cd and dvd drive in xp.both my drives do not show the name of the cd/dvd that is inserted.if i go to cntrl panel>administrative tools>computer mgmt, here where the hard disk partition are listed with cd/dvd drive(i don.t remember exactly...
  9. cool_dude_prav

    How can I make an entry in GRUB for CD/DVD booting?

    So... Everyone knows we can set the PC to boot into CD/DVD using BIOS and stuff... But, i wanna know how can I make an entry in GRUB so that I can boot into the 2 OSes(Ubuntu and Windows) or into any DVD/CD I have? Details: My DVD drive is Secondary Master : /dev/hdc Tnx in...
  10. Q

    Guide to Create 1:1 Legal CopyProtected CD/DVD Backups

    Guide to Create 1:1 Legal CopyProtected CD/DVD Backups Note: - Use this Tutorial only to make legal backups of your Copy Protected CD or DVD as we all have a right to have one. - Dont use this guide to make illegal backups of your copyprotected CD/DVD for distribution amoung your...
  11. ax3

    Norton 2005 ! ! !

    has digit given us Norton 2005 trial version ??? if yes, which month (cd/dvd) ???
  12. L

    problem with access digit cd/dvd

    hi frnds I am new to this forum, kindly help to solve my problem: I have celeron 1GHz 128 mb win 98SE/Win XP IE6, My problem is when i tried to access cd/dvd in combo drive or cd rom I get only black (BLANK) screen with a squire in left corner, after "I AGREE" . when i right clik on it a...
  13. W

    Discussion : window$ on cd/dvd?

    ne idea or any one has done this here.. can we have a working windows gui with all my s/w's, DUN settings and hardware installed on cd/dvd rom... just an idea.... :roll: i know of winpe and bartpe also...and have both cd's with me...but need a stripped down superslim M(w)indows off through a...
  14. navneeth_snr


    Any cool software for creating labels for cd/dvd boxes.
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