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  1. gau_pppu


    what is the diff between burning cd/dvd in "disc at once mode" and "track at once mode" is it some thing related to making multisession dosc?
  2. Pravas

    how can it be like that????

    Hi guys , just thinking that if we could install all necessary files of a software to a particular Folder and then Burn all the files to a cd/dvd and further use the installed files to open Programs. Is there anyway to do so???? If yes howw and if no WHy..... and is it no possible?
  3. gau_pppu

    CD/DVD, burner

    some body plz tell me that how will I make data cd or data dvd, using alcohol "alcohol120 1.9.2" , is it possabla to make data cd using alcohol? if not plz suggest me a good cd/dvd burning software, other than nero.
  4. Cool G5

    Akai Dvd player not reading dvd/cd

    Hi friends.I have a Akai 401 EL dvd player(standalone).The problem is recently it has stopped reading any of the cd/dvd which i insert.It only recognises one mp3 cd & plays it without sound.What could be the problem?
  5. K


    Hi Guys, I would like to have Text to Reader free Software. Can you inform me in which month Digit CD/DVD is avilable?
  6. hailgautam

    How to browse CD/DVD

    I have set the correct Screen Resolution, Configured Wifi and Mobile Internet. Can read/write from NTFS partitions and also vice versa from XP - read write the ETX3 partitions. Installed Beryl and running it with out crashing it at all :D. ALL With the help from this forum. :D Only problem is...
  7. gaurav_indian

    Is it possible to put a password on a cd/dvd?

    Guys is it possible to put a password on any cd/dvd in order to secure data?If its possible then will it work for those cds that are already written? I dont want anyone to see its contents.
  8. dissel

    Optical Drive Booting Query/Help Needed

    Hi, I am facing some problem with my 2nd PC which started couple of months back,the first problem was SMPS problem.(http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40951) which I solved today by installing a E-Life 500 watt SMPS,(can't afford Antec SMPS right now). Now according to the...
  9. S

    DVD Region Encoding

    Hi guys I wanted to know that, is there any software in which we write the cd/dvd with region encoding or something like that.So that the cd/dvd i write should not be viewable/playable to others,Without changing my current dvd region setting. Thanks
  10. Cool G5

    CD/DVD Not getting read

    I recently reinstalled Windows XP on my pc.But when i insert some cd's & Dvd's in the explorer it shows cd/Dvd has been inserted.But when i Double click the icon it shows that "The disk migh be corrupted or using a unknown format".I checked this disk on my friend's pc & it was working fine.This...
  11. N

    A Windows XP Question

    Is it possible to make a Windows XP SP2 CD/DVD loaded with updates given by Autopatcher XP?
  12. rockthegod

    CD/DVDs Stopped Autorunning !!!! Please Help !!!

    I am facing this very weird problem. All my CD/DVD drives have stopped their autorun feature. :( This includes all my virtual drives (Daemon Tools 4/Alcohol 120 %) too. Until yesterday everything was workin fine when suddenly this happened. Whenever I insert/mount any CD/DVD, the icon/label...
  13. aditya.shevade

    Create a LIVE CD/DVD of your favourite OS

    Hi It's my first tut. (I know it's not a tut, but still it might be helpful). Here you go, make live CD/DVD of all OS, Linuxes, Windows, BSD. http://www.livecdlist.com/wiki/index.php/LiveCD_Creation_Resources Aditya
  14. overclocker

    UltraISO 8.6 PE

    UltraISO is an ISO CD/DVD image file creating/editing/converting tool and a bootable CD/DVD maker , it can directly edit the CD/DVD image file and extract files and folders from it, as well as directly make ISO files from your CD/DVD-ROM or hard disk. At the same time, you can...
  15. C

    ghost/clone harddrive image

    hi, I recently formatted my pc and took so much time in installing all the applications i use. I have heard that aghost can be made so that in next time when I format i just need to run that ghost cd/dvd and all the applications are installed quickly. Pls. advice about How can this be done...
  16. 7monk

    start windows from cd/dvd

    if there is any way to ro start os from cd/dvd drive?only microsofts 98se,nt,me,xp. no linux. no instalation require to strat the machine. i think its not possible.what u think???????
  17. midhunmon

    Autoplay won't work

    My CD-RW drive and DVD drive both don't autoplay any discs and even the autoplay icon and the name won't show (ie; if it's a digit cd or DVD it should show Digit cd/DVD instead of CD/DVD Drive and autoplay, but none happens). But if u click on the cd/dvd drive icon it will open to show the...
  18. rakeshishere

    Giving LONG NAMES for the CD and DVD titles in NERO

    well nero supports some minimum characters[17} while naming the title of the cd/dvd..Any idea how to give long names..any s/w or some kind of a trick for that:confused:
  19. vikasg03

    What is the need of firmware CD/DVD ROM

    hy I want to know every body says that u must update ur CD/DVD firmwares/drivers etc. in case of other hardware ..updating drivers is OK and necessary,because they are not working until we install there drivers!. but what is the need of update or install driver/firmware of CD/DVD ROM/WRITERS. I...
  20. go4saket

    How to erase data from a Multi-Session CD???

    Hi Guys! How can I erase unwanted data from a multi-session CD/DVD. Normal erase method is simple, just deleting the data when making a new session, but that data is retained in the CD/DVD and is always recoverable. What can be done so that the data we erase cannot be recovered by any means...
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