1. Vyom

    An action cam like GoPro but at just $79 .. came to know from Indiegogo campaign

    So I came across this Indiegogo campaign.... eCam: The Best 4K Camera ever | Indiegog The campaigner seems to be an Indian - Sairam Maduri from Lewes, United States. The featured product is a $79 action cam that boasts of all features that high end GoPro cams give but at a fraction of...
  2. V

    Need offline security camera for Home

    Hi all, I want to set up a small cam in two of my rooms in home. I don't want to monitor in real time. A offline cam which records the recording in hard disk or to some storage or whatever for few hours should be fine. I just want to switch on the recording for a few hours...
  3. prehistoricgamer

    [URGENT] DSLR under 25k - Beginner

    Hello, all. First off, I've never operated a DSLR. But I'm very much interested in photography that I've enough enthusiasm to put some effort into learning it. That being said, after a lot of delays, I've decided to get myself a DSLR; although on a tight budget. Also, I'm just a beginner...
  4. angie

    Recomment an android tablet with 3G under 15k

    Buying it for my parents who mostly play games on the tablet and are not very tech savvy. They will also be able to use skype so 2 MP front facing cam is preferrable. So please suggest a tablet with following specs: 3G sim slot with calling service pref. 2 MP front facing cam (rear cam not...
  5. A

    Android dual simmphone under 10 K

    usage for internet and emails and whatsapp only.dual sim both gsm,android,screen min 4.5 inch,dual sim,wi fi with 2G and 3G, front cam with flash and rear selfie cam, min 1 GB RAM, acceptable memory to hold photos with expansion options.looking for a brand which can be easily repaired all over...
  6. S

    Which uld should i get under 1k in maharashtra (not mumbai)

    Hello I live in chandrapur District which is near nagpur and i am getting broadband connection for the first time cam u recommend any good plans for 1k and which will give me highest torrent speed.
  7. ShankJ

    Camera at ~15K..!!

    We recently prepared a documentary on Women Empowerment( link- Naari Shakti (The Unheeded Saga) - YouTube ) and looking at our efforts, our Institute's director has asked us to buy a new camera for college purpose(Projects and Documentaries).. The basic need of the camera will be to do good...
  8. krish_techie

    Best Cam under 15-18k

    Hi Friends, i'm looking for a good point and shoot cam under 15-18k(max). Can you please suggest me something that can take good pictures in low light especially night shots.If possible full HD (1080p)video recording too. i'm not a professional photographer ..but still i want my...
  9. B

    point and shoot cam under 7k, should perform good in low light

    I need a point and shoot camera@ 7k. [or even less] :wink: i've never owned any digital camera, used only old film based kodak cams. i currently use LG optimus one 3MP cam but its horrible in low light conditions. I need a cam that'd perform good in low light, not required but i'd be nice...
  10. digit i am thinking

    Xperia L vs Xperia M ?

    Xperia L and M both have almost same h/w specs(L has 8M cam and M has 5M cam) Xperia M is expected to launch this month at abt 19,000 to 20,000 INR.(that's more than L). I want to ask is it worth to wait for xperia M? What is advantage of M over L (except dual SIM) Which one to buy? :confused:
  11. A

    Budget CCTV Setup for Outdoors (should be DIY)

    Hi, I want to install cctv in the parking on my building. With the recent event happened with my bike where almost all its wiring had been cut by some miscreant I cant depend upon the hopeless security provided by the society. Lower it costs the better. Max I can spend right now is 5k...
  12. S

    Digital Camera,which one to buy:Samsung Galaxy Camera or Sony WX200

    Which digital cam is better out of these two?I prefer good Image Quality and will be using cam casually!Budget is upto 25k
  13. tkin

    Suggest a Budget Cam around 4k asap.

    Hi guys, I need to buy a budget cam around 4k for my parents asap(they're going on a tour on 16th) and they don't want to use the FZ150(too complicated they say), and I will be buying from Flipkart, so prices need to be based on them, please suggest asap, forget macro, aperture etc, what needed...
  14. A

    need digi cam for basic needs

    Hi. Guys I am noob . I need a digi cam with good image quality & battery backup @8k. Will spend 10k if u people suggest .
  15. K

    Compact camera - looking at value for money buy

    My current Canon S2 has conked off because of a notorious CCD issue. Am not feeling like repair it as the costs may not justify revival. Looking at new compact cam. Don't want to get a bulky camera having long lenses as having used it have experienced it to be a bit of an issue. No interest...
  16. C

    Best Digi Cam around 5K

    Hey i wanna buy a simple digital cam for my basic purpose to capture some moments..... since i am little low on my budget i want to spent little around 5000/- so guys plz suggest some good cam for my purpose these are my requirements 14 M.P self timer auto focus smile,face blink detection...
  17. I

    Budget 15k->4 inch ->dual Core-> 5 mp cam-> ICS 4 ?

    Hi All, I m planning to buy a android phone with the below requirement .My budget is 15 .5 k max(Fixed) 1) 4 inch best in class screen (Must) 2) Single or Dual core 3) Rear cam 8 mp and front cam ( both cam are mandatory but 5 mp can also do) 4) Memory is not a issue i am ok...
  18. aroraanant

    A good point and shoot camera(budget not an issue)

    I have to buy a good point shoot camera for my friend, budget is not a issue,say it should be around 20k but the thing is he don't want a Panasonic cam, he wish to buy a canon, nikon or sony cam only. I have shortlisted a few like Sony HX20V and Canon SX240/260. Apart from GPS there is no...
  19. D

    I need help in choosing an android phone within 17k

    I am a newbie to smartphone world and would like to buy my first smart phone for my business in the budget of 15-16k with some help from DIGIT Mag. I want a good cam with flash,hd video recording with video light, secondary cam is a boon,fast GPS to help me navigate while driving/walking, fast...
  20. T

    a cam with full hd video capablity

    halo guyz, today is my bday, and papa is gifting a cam guyz please suggest a good cam with 18k. first preference is the video quality should be a full HD one. with optical zoom applicable while recording. and also without compromising with picture(photos) quality would be gr8 if i can get...
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