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How do I share a 256 Kbps broadband internet connection between 3 Pcs all running Windows XP professional (with sp2) I have only an 8 port switch and the cables. Please reply with step by step instructions on how to set them up. Thanks in advance :)
1. Connect the computers in LAN with the switch and cable you have.
2. Connect the broadband connection to a computer (the one you want to make server).
3. You can do well with windows connection sharing.........but i recommend to use CCProxy(the free version supports maximum 3 users) or freeProxy.
4. Install it on the system u want to make server.
5. Configure the IP of all the 3 systems to the same series and make them member of the same workgroup.
6.Create accounts in CCProxy for the other 2 computers.
7. In those 2 computers go and set the proxy in ur browser and other progs as the ip of the server.

CCProxy works on 808 port no. for all protocols except for SOCKS where the port is 1080
FreeProxy works on 8080 port.

Try yourself....I think its not that tough.......

If you dont want 2 use ne program like CCProxy then go to your internet connection properties and there go to sharing tab and share with ur lan connection.
Then u can access the net in all three computers.


Right off the assembly line
Thanks Niharuce...but im still confused

the main Pc has only one ehternet port. Does that mean i have to add one more ethernet card (one port for the modem and one port for the switch??)

Sorry to bug you again.:)
If you have the modem and ethernet port you can connect........
You can connect any 1 of ur computers with internet and all of them in LAN........then u can use connection sharing.....
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