E6300, E5200, 250w psu, lots of cables

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Tribladez rizes to power
I'm selling a few items that i wont be needing
E6300 - 2600 (SOLD)
Seagate 320GB 7200.10 with warranty till May '12 - 1750
Creative EP430 (one day used with 1 yr warranty) - 650 (http://urimages.com/view.php?filename=51nbdxj8.jpg)
AOpen 250W PSU - 220
2x 50cm sata cables - 30 each
2x floppy cables - 20 each
1x IDE cable - 30
2x Power cable - 40 each

shipping charges extra
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Right off the assembly line
if u interested in selling e6300 cpu than i am interested. 9889340525, 9911070139, souh delhi . please mention ur location and cost + shipping. Urgent, quicker response will help us each other.<rahulnarain@yahoo.com>


tHe nEw gEEk......ITian
PM me ur loc n revised price for
E6300 and EP 430

Also. post some pics of product with spec here !!!
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