Corsair HX620 and High RPM 80mm FANs

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Hi guys, selling my HX620 that's been rocking with me for 2.5yrs.

FANs are on sale again, PM me for tasty deals on the SMPS.

Item Name and URL: Corsair HX620

Item description: For those who are into psu tech do not need an intro but lets just say this the best sub 750w PSU out there, sleeved and molded flat cables, boon for cable management, modular, so use only the cables you need and it looks cool too.

Certification: 80+. when this was launched 80+ was not categorized but by today's standards this is 80+ bronze, read some awesome reviews here:
Corsair HX620W 620W Review

Supplied Accessories: Cables, spare cable storing bag.

Free Stuff(offered by me): Cable ties(20 nos), one large mega cable tie.

Warranty: Yes, 2.5 yrs indian warranty remaining, comes with bill. And as you can see no tampering of any seals.

Price: 4K+shipping

Shipping Weight:
3.5Kgs(still need to verify)

Shipping: User choice, I will take no responsibility if you want this to be shipped via professional or some crap.

PM to buy.

No holding for long.

Due to exams, I can only ship this product after monday(30th may), so no matter when you pay I can't ship it before that.

2. Glacialtech 80mm Silent Blade II FAN GT8025
Global glacialtech

1700RPM, 26CFM, 18db, can be powered by either mobo or molex.


3. Coolermaster 80mm FAN
Similar to this model here:
TLF-S82-EB - Cooler Master

1800RPM, 22CFM,22DB(speculated)


1700RPM, 26CFM, 18db, can be powered by either mobo or molex.











Special offer for Kolkata buyers: Get free SVB Tech gamepad with the SMPS, no use for it, don't know if it works, but its free, cheers.

Reason for Selling for all three: Upgrading.

All PM's will be replied on first come first serve basis.
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